Six word Saturday

Not Rafa, but a great contender!

Andy Murray (Wikipedia)

The fizz went out of my Wimbledon this year with the early departure of Rafa, but I’ve been very impressed with the performance of the “dour Scot”.  So I’ll be lending my support tomorrow afternoon, when he takes on the monumental task of preventing Roger Federer attain seven Wimbledon titles.

C’mon Andy!

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    1. Just doing my chores and Sunday dinner so I can “settle in”. Me neither, Fiona- usually the laptop’s burning a hole in my knee so I can keep Mick company while he watches History and Geography channels, politics and sport (of course!)
      Thank you! Some beautiful places to be silent, aren’t there?


  1. I am so with you…Rafa is usually the life of the party. Wimbledon lost a little bit of it’s luster with him gone so soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Andy, though, and feel like a bit of a burden was lifted from his shoulders after winning the semis. I’ll be watching tomorrow morning!!


    1. Hi Smidge! He’s made it to 3 Grand Slam finals, but never won one, and been knocked out in the semis the last 3 years at Wimbledon. He’s not exactly charismatic but he’s earned his place in the final this year. At 25, it’s finally time to steal the prize?


  2. May the sun shine and the games begin! I’m not such a follower of it all but I so respect those who play!


    1. Part of me would too, Wayne, but he’s won so much. Andy deserves a little something. Nor do I really want Roger to have 7 Wimbledons to match Rafa’s 7 French! Probably inevitable, though.


  3. I didn’t think Murray would make it to the final. Perhaps if he wins, he will be a little less dour. As a fellow Scot I will be supporting him, but I do like Federer too.


    1. It’s more interesting than sunny smiles, Tilly. I love the way Lendl sits in the stand. Trying to think of a comparison but words fail me- I’ll leave it to you.


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