Sunday Post : Valuable

Jakesprinter’s theme for his Sunday Post this week is “Valuable” and I’ve held off posting what came immediately to mind.  It’s still with me and it’s Tuesday already, so I’m going with it.

Michael on the land train at Barril

There absolutely isn’t anything in life more valuable to me than my husband.  Ok, I can hear the groans, but we’re not soppy (well I might be tempted to be, but he most certainly is not).  Please don’t tell him, or let him see this post.  He’s a reserved kind of guy and would be highly embarassed.  Who can blame him?  The blogging wife must be a constant hazard.

I grumble and moan about his deficiencies, but in truth, most of the deficiencies are mine.  He is my rock, and yet, my playmate too.  We’ve weathered many a storm together, and no doubt will have to fend off more.  I picture myself the great world traveller, and he, the anchor, dragging along reluctantly in the sand.  Still, I cannot imagine my world without him.

Michael in “A Taska”, one of our favourite Tavira restaurants.

When set free to roam, I am as happy as that sand boy.  It is in my nature and I cannot change it.  But I would never underestimate the value of the man who welcomes me home.

Thanks Jake, for giving me the opportunity to say this.  I love your challenges.  They make me think, and also appreciate what I have.

To join in with the challenges, click on Jake’s link, or on the flying dragon logo.  It’s superb, isn’t it?


  1. The other day Broadside wrote about envy, and asked whether we suffered from it at times. I’m afraid you’ve just answered the question for me – yes, sometimes, it would be simply wonderful to have a partner who understood and accommodated ones inescapable peccadillos. I’m very pleased to see you paying tribute to your partner in this way – that type of relationship is such a blessing.


    1. As always with these things, I don’t appreciate him half as much as I should. It’s nice when my attention is brought back to this post and I realise it all over again. Thank you.


  2. ah! great post Jo – PS I won’t tell him if you don’t! But I’m sure he’d be thrilled to read this. Wishing you both continued happiness; love and adventure x


  3. I totally agree that the very person we wake up each day, is that very person that means the world to us. Beautifully said, “There absolutely isn’t anything in life more valuable to me than my husband. ” Wishing you both all life’s happiness…


      1. Caramba! I must stop doing this! Gem is “firstandfabulous”. I like to use names (if I can remember them, which obviously, I can’t!) I’d better call you Ad in future- I’ll not forget that. Humble apologies!


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