Six word Saturday

Seeking new memories, in the Algarve

Castle walls, Lagos

Old harbour, Lagos


Over the garden wall, Mertola

Another fountain candidate? Silves

Pego do Inferno

Cascades nearby Pego do Inferno

Grab a table at Mesa do Cume

Palace gardens, Estoi

Look, but don't touch! Vilamoura

Waterside at Cabanas

Easy to see why I keep going back, isn’t it?  I’ll be in the Algarve next week, making new memories to share, so I’ll miss the next Six week Saturday.  Why not join in with Cate?  Everybody’s got a story to share.  Follow the link to see what it’s all about.  You can click on the button below to see my previous posts, and I’ll look forward to seeing yours.


    1. Hey Tilly, you can always make me laugh, even when you don’t mean to! I’m a bit of a rubber ring person, to my embarassment and mortification. A strong paddler! Wasted on me, wasn’t it? That’s why I like the cascades.


  1. I can’t blame you at all for going back there and I wouldn’t leave either! How can you leave there? LOL! Absolutely beautiful place! Enjoy your trip hon. Can’t wait to see the new photo’s. 🙂


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