Six word Saturday

A Wedding Invitation and a Hug

It’s no secret that I have a talented and very artistic daughter.  Her cards often arrive late, but are always a pleasure to receive.  The Easter card shown above brought particular joy because out of it slipped a small black invitation card.

 Lisa has led an often troubled life and has had much to overcome.  I am enormously proud of her, and can hardly wait for this most special of occasions.  Slight doubts though, as to what the mother of the bride wears to a Steampunk Wedding?  The honeymoon will be in Venice, for Carnavale, lucky girl.  To attend is a lifelong dream of hers.  I wish them all the love and luck in the world.

Lisa, my tea and cake girl, at home in Nottingham

As if this wasn’t enough to gladden my week, I have also been awarded a Hug from Francine in Retirement.   I’ve long been an admirer of Francine’s blog so was truly humbled to receive this nomination.  Not being sure of blog etiquette in this matter, I need to point out that I had previously been nominated for the Hug Award by Alyson Sheldrake of The Thought Palette.  On that occasion I wrote A hug a day in acceptance of the award, and nominated a couple of blogs.  I plan to extend that nomination today to:

Ana at 1001 Scribbles

Patti of Read Me

Elisa at Fun and Fabulousness

Sonel at Sonel’s Photographic Corner

All of these blogs give me enormous pleasure.  I should also say thank you to Conny on A Hope for Today who originated the Hug Award.

Please join me next week on Cate’s Six word Saturday and we’ll see just what the week’s brought.  You could even have a little fun and play too?


  1. The plans are well on the way! Church and hall booked. The groom’s jacket is nearly complete and Lisa has the material for her dress. Yes, I’m getting excited already!

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