Writer on the Edge

Six word Saturday

Which dessert did we each choose?

Chocolate and almond brownie or creme brulé with berry coulis?  Which one do you think Tish would choose?  To protect the innocent I kept my camera in my handbag throughout our meeting, but I really couldn’t resist sharing our dessert.

I had expected to be nervous meeting Tish Farrell, but somehow there wasn’t time for nerves.  Before I knew it I’d scurried down the steps and into her arms.  She and husband Graham had kindly suggested picking us up from our apartment to go out for supper and, after a full-on day, we were almost in danger of being late!

Many of you will know Tish from her writings “on the Edge”.  Wenlock Edge, in lovely Shropshire, to be precise, where she tends her garden and allotment with huge enthusiasm, in the minutes purloined from writing.  With gently self deprecating humour, she shares a slice of her life and a little Monday Magic.  Her skill as a raconteur and respect for our world combine in the telling of The Mysterious Stiperstones.  But when Tish writes about her time spent in Africa the whole page lights up- The Way We Were~More from the Kenya Diary.  It’s a passion shared with her husband.

Because we were a foursome talk was mostly of Much Wenlock and its beautiful surrounds.  Tales of village life were delivered with a twinkle of fun. Conversation was easy.  The food was good.  Graham became an honorary blogger for a little while, and we were enveloped in the warmth of good companionship.  They would make lovely neighbours, and I found the perfect timbered cottage nearby.

Did you guess which sweet Tish had?  I forgot to tell you that we were in The Green Dragon, in Little Stretton, and very nice it was too.  Debbie’s a little short on words for Six Word Saturday this week.  I must have borrowed them!