English Summer

Six word Saturday


The beginnings of an English Summer

Love them or hate them, you can't ignore a windmill

Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore a windmill!

Even a traditional one

Even a very traditional one

Everywhere you look, there's blossom!

This year, blossom is everywhere

And the goslings are thriving

The goslings seem to be thriving

Tulip power!

And tulips rule!

The boldness of the iris

Irises are exotic

Lace curtains of

Wisteria form lovely curtains of lace

The fragrance of lilac

Lilac is fragrant

Whiter than white!

And white blossom scintillates!

On the Moors, flamboyant colour

On the Moors, flamboyant grasses wave

And in my own garden

And in my own garden, something pretty appears

Despite my head still being full of visions of Poland, my days are spent gazing at a very English landscape.  Already this year I’ve had breakfast in the garden, one of my favourite aspects of Summer.  It’s still only May, and a Bank Holiday weekend, so I shouldn’t be too despondent if the rain has arrived.  There’s still plenty of promise, don’t you think?

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