1. What a great find, Jo! Although I love dark chocolate and I love fruit, except for chocolate-covered strawberries once in awhile, I also tend to prefer mine separately. Chocolate-covered dried fruit can be quite nice, though.


  2. That had me really drooling as I’m partial to strawberries dipped in good chocolate, the fruit and choc seem to have an affinity. Haven’t tried the others, but they embellish the kiosk, don’t they? Ice-cream and the hairdressers – your cup runneth over. My hair is now long enough to ust creep below a high collar, which is a dreadful look for me. Four weeks to go.

  3. Jo, such a vibrant bright image … I like chocolate but think this might be a tad too much for delicious fruit on its own! πŸ˜€ Great news about the hairdressers appointment… the grand reopening here in just under a month, looking forward to it with slight anxiety. Fingers crossed it all goes well. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Xx πŸ˜€β€οΈ

  4. Very different. I think your is brighter and healthier than mine. As long as you don’t dip too deep!
    But it’s your hairdresser visit that’s more tantalising than the chocolate.

  5. Surely there are 7 fruits there? Kiwi, banana, grapes, cherries, strawberry, orange and pineapple? All dipped in chocolate. Yummy!! Happy weekend Jo 🀀

      1. Well I suppose we can always choose our five favourite. You are definitely going to have to go there when it’s open and let us know what it’s all about.

      2. I don’t actually fancy any of them dipped in chocolate. It’s not my thing, but I liked the 6 words πŸ€£πŸ’• Just off to the roof for a bit of t’ai chi while the washer churns. It’s that wash quilts and curtains time of year here. Mick has more painting to do when the sun has moved off the patio and I have a hair dressing appointment. They reopened this week. So much excitement! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

      3. Our hairdressers don’t open until 12 April. I’m tempted to take the scissors to mine!. You have a washing machine big enough for quilts and curtains? πŸ™„

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