Still up on the roof!

It’s an extraordinary space, like all of Gaudi’s designs. The light was beautiful up on the roof, as you saw yesterday. And how strange to have a power station on the horizon. I’m a day late with my Skyline but hopefully Debbie will forgive me. Meanwhile I’m Dreaming of Buttercups.



  1. I am definitely a fan of Gaudi..lots of textures and patterns and somewhat these collages of color is breathtaking.I visited a house once in Kuwait and she made a mosaic out of glass and painted ones…!Really great piece of art and loads of creativity.


      1. How? Just buy 9 pretty tiles and stick them on the wall in a square or rectangle. I saw some in a courtyard of a house we looked at in Penzance, just random tiles, and it looked fabulous on a white wall.


      2. Nope! We already have a few mosaic pictures on the main walls. This is for the little wall that should really have seating around it. A project himself doesn’t really want to undertake πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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