Delightful disruption

Today, Becky’s post features upholstery. If you were going to sit on Gaudi’s benches for a long time you might need a cushion, but you’d be surrounded by beauty. Trying not to crack up, because All Broken Up, my yesterday’s square, was relegated to last week! An unplanned disruption.



  1. That’s quite lovely. I wonder how comfortable his benches are. They don’t look too bad to me. If I sat on any bench for a long time. I’d need a cushion!

  2. I am confused now. Was Broken up yesterday or last week? And how come I didn’t see it either way? Whatever, the disruption worked well for you. As does this pretty floral patchwork.

    1. It’s a long story! I have problems putting the tag SquareUp in because of my lack of a certain letter. I discovered I could use Quick Edit to add tags more easily. I already had prepared several blank drafts with just the SquareUp hashtag in and used one of those for All broken up. WP put it out dated 7th January which took it back 4 posts. Go figure? You see why I find squares a headache 🀣. But like the lady says, I don’t have to play. Gonna start a Circles challenge 😁😁😁

      1. I usually create one post with the tags etc and then copy it to create new ones, but quick edit is useful for adding tags or categories.

  3. How many more do you have in your Gaudi folder. You have certainly spoiled us this week. Keep ’em coming.

  4. You would need a cushion! The mind that has put the patterned tiles together interests me. It seems as if a few similar ones are placed closeish together rather than spreading them out, which seems to give the mind more fun playing with them all.

  5. Really nice, Jo. I recently had 80,000 emails at least half were emails about blogs. I find the reader a better route. It is hard to get the emails stopped. One at a time.

    1. I always thought everyone used the Reader, Margaret, unless it was a non-WP blog. I usually follow links from the challenges but I check the Reader most days. It’s easy! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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