Saying goodbye

It isn’t easy to post this week. I have a myriad of beautiful images of the Christmas lights sparkling around the Algarve, but on this day I will be saying goodbye to two men. One, a family member- my stepbrother who loved and cared for my Dad like his own. The other, a man who loved life and was loved in return. Both leave behind grieving widows, and families who are shocked at an unexpected turn of events. It’s never easy, but this is a time of year when everybody is set to celebrate. Without them.

Boa viagem- safe journey!

RIP Tony and Terje.


  1. I’d seen your earlier post about losing your friend and your step-brother, but not this one Jo. The lights are a lovely send-off and I hope they bring the families and loved ones some peace. It is never easy to lose a loved one but this time of year, with so many celebrating, makes it that much harder. Our thoughts are with you Jo, my you find peace this season and into the new year.


  2. I almost missed this as somehow my email notifications aren’t getting through. Losing someone very dear is always tough but even more so at this time of year and especially in the strange times we are all currently living in. Your Christmas light photos are a lovely tribute, especially the golden arch, it’s truly beautiful. Hugs to you and yours Jo, take care x


    1. Thanks so much, Eunice. I wondered if you were ok as you’re one of my staunchest followers. OlhΓ‘o is the town where Becky normally stays and I have to admit it’s looking beautiful this year. Thursday was a very emotional day but it’s easy for me to move on. Not so easy for two devoted wives.


    1. Thanks a lot, Yvette. I hadn’t known Terje long, but he died, from Covid, in shocking circumstances and we’re doing our best to celebrate his life. Tony was a very dear man. Life, for both widows, will never be the same.

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  3. So sorry for your loss dear Jo. This is such a beautiful tribute to the departed. We’ve had our share of losses this year too. Can’t wait to see the end of it. Take care❀️


  4. I’m so sorry to read of your losses. This is such a tough time of year to lose anyone, and this year perhaps more than ever as we really need some Christmas joy in our lives


    1. I think many of us have written Christmas off as a celebration. If you can’t be with your loved ones it’s just another day, isn’t it? But we are still among the lucky ones, who have our health. So long as our youngsters are ok. Have a good Christmas, Sarah! All the best πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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