A house for Jude

Often enough we go wandering in the hills. Sometimes we follow a trail. Sometimes one of us has trod that way before. One of us is looking for a home with a beautiful view. It might be modern, or a more traditional Portuguese style. But we all stop, look and offer an opinion. It matters not, of course, for the house is seldom on the market and, if it were, would be way beyond our budget. But it’s a harmless pursuit.

We start in the village. A rather ramshackle window is firmly shuttered, inviting no buyers. An uphill cobbled track leads to a country lane, and the most exquisitely gnarled olive tree trunk. I stop to admire.

A feature of this part of the world, great boulders are stacked one upon another. They interlock, braced against the sky. Has some idle giant been playing at jigsaws, then strode off into the clouds? The textures absorb the sunlight.

The land opens out, with a scattering of almond trees. How beautiful will they look in spring, laden with armfuls of white blossom? A narrow lane leads to a quirky little bungalow. Perhaps I could live here, but it’s much too far from shore.

The views are far reaching and lovely, and I can picture the smoke-coloured evening hills. Still, the valley can never surpass the sea for me.

But maybe for Jude? I’d better ask her!

2020 Photo Challenge #46


    1. Have we seen your view, Carol? Is it a good one? I’ve seen so many lovely ones here but practicalities (and finance) always come into it. Dreams are free though 🙂 🙂

  1. What fun to imagine the perfect location and the perfect view. I think I would be looking for a view of the water if I was waving my magic wand. always a pleasure to take a stroll with you Jo. I didn’t have to worry about slipping on any icy patches. 🙂

    1. I didn’t need icy patches to slip over, Sue. I managed a tumble just a short distance from here. And no, it wasn’t the wine! But I needed one afterwards 🙂 🙂

  2. I share your interest too! To the extent that I keep a check online too as I get to peep inside to… This is such an amazing one – the last picture is such a stunning angle with the hills and clouds… I love the olive tree trunk 😃

    1. It was a fabulous morning’s walk, Rita. But it ended in tears because I took a tumble soon after. That was a week ago and the scars are healing. 🥰💕

  3. Love the house but I need to be in a town I think. Isolation is great for a holiday but not for a lifetime. Am I alone in preferring the coloured photos?

  4. Haha! I must say that the house is very attractive and I do like a hillside view, but I wouldn’t mind a sea view as well next time. But those cobbles look lethal. Is that where you fell? 🙄 All in all I think my next move must be into a village or small market town, but I appreciate the thought.
    PS the B&W shots are fab.
    PPS The OH says we’ll never have a forever home as I’m constantly wanting to move. After 5 years I need somewhere new to explore 😂

    1. Exactly right, but Covid isn’t exactly conducive to that. 🤔💕 I fell on a smoother bit further down, but I slid down a bumpy wall 😘. No idea where I’m going next. Knacker’s yard, probably 🤣💕

  5. Nice pics Jo, both the b & w and the colour. That olive trunk is a wow, if someday for some reason its in a bad condition, it can still look grand by having some artist paint it and not just cut it down🙂

    1. She dors doesn’t she? Could be a estate agent herself. I’ll have to pass on this one Margaret, so feel free. I’m waiting for the one next to the sea.. 😅

      1. Fair enough. Well, Jo does a good sales pitch for Portugal, but daughter’s on the point of moving out of Barcelona to the seaside, so I’ll pass too.

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