Six word Saturday

Where do we go from here?

But best of all, the sparkle of water

Life is a little more restricted this weekend, but these were Found in the Neighbourhood. Hope you have a good one! See you Monday, with a walk.

Six Word Saturday



  1. Especially love the black and white photos Jo. Such a difficult time – I guess at least you can still get out for walks but know it must be hard with family overseas. Hope you can continue sharing your lovely photos though, take care and love from Down Under xx 🙂


      1. Yes thanks Joall well here – just got to the end of a very busy time as our elder daughter has been doing a post graduate diploma on top of her existing teaching job. She had her final assessment last week with her supervisor and has passed so she’ll be cutting her hours back a bit from now on – have been shuttling here there and everywhere with school pick ups, netball and gym classes! Still we are lucky things are still open and carrying on more or less normally. Even managed to get a blog post out today yay! Now trying to get my head around Christmas though it’s hard when I know the UK family are basically in lockdown 😦 My father has requested wine and chocolates so I’ll organise some supplies! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, take care xx 🙂

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