Six word Saturday

No doubt about it- shade needed!

A stroll around Loulé, enjoying the shade.  Into the 30s this weekend, so we’ll definitely need it.  Meanwhile Debbie has been having fun on Six Word Saturday.  And if you look closely I think I’ve made a few Weekend Reflections too?  Have a good one, and see you on Monday for a walk.



      1. No stress Jo just whenever you can always lovely to have your company! It’s raining and windy here and am currently trying to avoid the showers. Am sure it’ll be lovely, sunny and warm with you! 😃😃

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  1. I think I’d be looking for an air conditioner given 30º temps. It’s a good thing we both landed where the climate agrees with us. We had an unusual 27º about a week ago and I stayed inside the cool house.

    But…. those colorful shades are a cheerful sight to behold.


      1. It’s okay, people started to live normally, there are less restrictions too but I hardly see any more people who wear the mask … unfortunately
        The cinemas will reopen, the shops have been reopened for a while now. The parks and gardens have also reopened. Buses and subways run normally. But there are a lot of unemployed in addition ….
        Don’t let your guard down because the virus is still there
        I hope all is well for you, be well


  2. Jo, love the colourful scenes and Europe in general wouldn’t be the same without fountains all over the place. Hot it is not, as we are in a spell of wet and gloomy weather. On the bright side I get to organise my photos, amongst other things.


    1. That’s another of the things I was going to do in the hiatus- sort out my photo files. But the days get longer and the evenings shorter, and who wants to be indoors? 🙂 🙂


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