Simple fare

Funny how different we are!  My husband loves these little pinwheels coated in white chocolate, or a Kitkat.  Me, I’m happy with a digestive.  I can dunk it, or eat it covered in crumbly cheese.  I really don’t mind.  The one immutable is coffee, when I first get out of bed.

Don’t you love the tiny Portuguese cups?  Ideal size for a bica, but seldom used in my home.  If we have a tradesman at the house I always hesitantly offer coffee.  Often the response is a rueful head shake.  Sometimes a polite request for water.  Leaving me in no doubt that my coffee making skills are far below par.  How do they know?  My reputation appears to have traveled.

The sturdy tray was decoupaged for me by my daughter, as a useful gift to carry my cuppa all the way up to the roof terrace.  I am a bit prone to get two thirds of the way up, a cup in one hand, plate in the other and a book or two under my arm, and trip….  Ribbon cascades of coffee down white walls… not a good look!

So what’s new in the Algarve right now?  Su started Teatime in the blogosphere to nourish and cheer us all up in gloomy times.  I’m happy to say that gradually the gloom is rolling back, here.  With caution.  Our restaurants and cafés have been open for a couple of weeks, and we are becoming more relaxed about meeting in small groups.  Masks are still mandatory in enclosed spaces.  And still no touching, though I find it hard not to lay a sympathetic hand on an arm.  Full blown hugs feel a long way off.  Cake isn’t really a consolation for that, but it’s all I can offer, for now.

Do help yourself!  I hope things are getting better in your part of the world?


  1. Oh, you’ve got my taste buds demanding attention, Jo! I love a kit kat, must be from the fridge, gut it has to be with tea not coffee, I’m afraid.
    And as for cheese and digestive, I’m wondering why I haven’t had that for ages? I have to say, I think it’s quite a northern delicacy to have cheese with sweet things. Do you have cheese with your apple pie? That was a regular treat at our tri-weekly formal dinners at college in Durham.

  2. Our city has low numbers but we had more restrictions than other states. Seems to have paid off. Your cake and coffee look so

    1. It seems the only answer, Ruth. Here the signs all say fique em casa – stay home – and just slowly the Portuguese are emerging. But the economy is in a bad way 🤔💕

  3. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, Jo, I am a digestive biscuit dunker and damned proud of it 🙂 I’m a late arrival, and it’s good to see you’re still at the party.

  4. Kit Kats bring back a lovely childhood memory from a long time ago Jo. My mother was a widow, my dad died when I was 10. Money was short, but Mam was a great provider, managing to give me a great childhood with lots of love. One of the regular treats was every Sunday morning we would share a kit Kat. So, yes please, I will share a kit Kat with love with you. By the way I’ve never tried digestives with cheese, must give it a go I have digestives in the cupboard.

  5. Not long after I turned 40, coffee started doing nasty things to my body. Eventually I had to quit altogether when it made my hands shake unbearably. These days I enjoy my Jasmine tea to get me going. Sugar also doesn’t seem to agree with me, but I haven’t given up on chocolate. Thank the lord for that. Not sure I could deal with that final insult! 😉

    1. Life and its injustices, Gunta 🙂 🙂 Wine similarly can affect us as we age. Our bodies telling us what’s good for us, but tough on the taste buds.

  6. Afraid I may have to side with Mick on this one when it comes to sweets. Digestives aren’t bad, maybe it’s the name🤔

    Slowly opening here in Canada. Some provinces are ahead of others, based on their numbers. It’s a slow process but that is probably a good thing.

    Love the wee cups! So cute!

    1. Very much a good thing, Lynn! Some irresponsible behaviour in Lagos at the weekend resulted in an additional 60 cases, when we were down to one or two a week. 😦

  7. That’s a beautiful tray and I like those little cups. Our younger daughter bought me a fabulous set of Weimar teapot, cups and saucers, and sugar bowl and creamer in such a dark cobalt blue that it appears black. The cups are quite small like this. My husband loves Kit Kats, but I generally prefer dark chocolate and less sweet cookies. I do like shortbread and a crisp gingersnap is always appreciated, although the latter I love to dip in milk. 🙂


      1. I’ll have to feature the tea set in my next post…but that’s two long months away!!! 😦 Ah, well, gives me time to get the best set up, right? 🙂

      2. Ha! With those tiny cups a pot takes forever to consume and perhaps I burn a lot of calories just going back to the pot, pouring another cup, then back to what I was doing, repeat, repeat. 🙂

  8. I’m with you on the digestives. I find a lot of sweet treats just too sweet these days.

    I’m glad that life has opened up a bit for you and hope that things continue to improve. Here, we were busy congratulating ourselves that we’re Covid free, and now have three new cases and some horrible bungling at the border which could result in many more. I’m starting to worry that I won’t get to see Dad after all 😦

    1. Oh, you will, Su- I hope so! Some people are just thoughtless and irresponsible and that’s all it takes. The number for social gatherings here was extended to 20 people at the weekend. So what happens? A party involving 100 people and 60 people now infected. At the other end of the Algarve, but there are no guarantees.

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