Six word Saturday

They choose the most majestic homes!

There were more storks than people in Faro the other day.  I looked hard for babies but it wasn’t easy to tell with all the bobbing heads.  Today Debbie is seeing triple on Six Word Saturday.  Why not join her?  Have a nice day!



      1. Hanging in there, Jo. How about you? We got a new puppy after the trip to meet our new grandchild, so life is busy in a new way! We are feeling the heaviness of this time in our history in so many ways, so it’s nice to have a sweet, furry comfort right now. Hope you are feeling OK these days.


      2. We really appreciate how lucky we are, Lexie. If it wasn’t for the family issue we would be tap dancing right now. Another perfect beach day and not too many people 🤗💕

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