Six Word Saturday

A eulogy to rack and ruin

Vila Real de Santo António has the most magnificent location, at the mouth of the River Guadiana, and directly across the border from Spain.  Sadly, scenes like this are still commonplace, even on the waterfront, but there’s a lot of hammering and renewal going on.  Hopefully one day the town will realise its true potential.  Meantime, let’s play Six Word Saturday.  Have a great weekend!



  1. It looks great – I could explore there for a while! I think the sun might be helping, but your images make me think I might prefer the ruins to a restored piece. But then I’m not living there.


    1. Vila Real is a funny old mix. These former sardine factories are prime position on the waterfront and will inevitably one day become ‘des res’. When the economy catches up again. There is already one stunning waterfront hotel, the Guadiana, and they were loading new mattresses by the dozen into another lovely conversion when we were there at the weekend.


    1. Thanks, darlin! Not sure if they would be, but definitely cheaper than Tavira. Castro Marim might be your sort of place, but Vila Real is much flatter. 🙂 🙂


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