Six word Saturday

The biggest, and still the best!

From lovely Marilyn, and the Oscars

Through scary Pirates of the Caribbean

Every show needs a Mad Hatter!

And a Joker in the pack

European politics always play their part

And there’s something for the kids

While Avatar brings us bodies beautiful

And never forgetting the chorus line!

I’m known to cheat on occasion, but I think Loulé Carnival 2020 can provide many of the items Tina was looking for in her Treasure Hunt.  And hopefully she’ll have fun looking.  While Debbie continues to amaze with her ingenuity.  Happy Saturday everyone!




  1. What a fantastic carnival and such vibrantly colourful costumes. You certainly captured the atmosphere with your photos, I felt like I was there with you 🙂

  2. It seems you live in the land of carnivals Jo and this one was so colourful, loved it. Enjoy the break away, see you when you come back 👋🏻🙋‍♀️

      1. I look forward to the glimpse of your patch the walks give us. I’ll look forward to seeing you when you return to blogging, but take your time to savour the extra time and freedom the blogcation gives you

  3. Quite the unexpected carnival – all those lassies in skimpy costumes are not what I imagined in a Catholic country! hope it was a lot warmer there than here. So nice to have our own reporter to visit these events. Keep up the good work!

    1. It was in the 20s, Jude, so not too bad. We’ve been there with a cool wind a-whistling, and they just drink hooch to get them warmed up before it starts. 🙂 🙂

  4. No end of fun and blue skies Jo ! Portugal certainly knows how to put on a carnival of colours and costumes 🙂
    Enjoy your blog-cation 😘 xx

    1. It surely was! I’d forgotten what rain looked like… until today 🙂 🙂 But the timing was superb for Carnival. It’s just a bit damp and drizzly- nothing major, and we definitely need it.

  5. Holy cow, what a production!! Couldn’t get away with those last outfits, what there is of them, in the Chicago area at this time of year. 😊🤭. Enjoy your blog-cation. You’ll be missed. I’m heading to Arizona Monday to finalize a house and take a van load of precious items to leave with my parents until we actually move, so I’ll be blog-cautioning somewhat as well.

      1. Yes, lots, although I have a good amount packed and we Jane the moving company lined up. Once things are finalized with the rental house, I can find a bank and then head home to finish everything here. I’ll think of you on Monday as well.

  6. Well Jo, even if there were nothing else, there are surely more street performers than I’d have thought possible 😀😀😀. Always great to have you with us, terrific post!

    1. Carnival usually runs Friday till Shrove Tuesday and you can fit in any number of parades, if you go looking. Somehow, I always do 🙂 🙂 More peaceful weekend this one.

  7. Hey, come on, you have to label them. Where’s your bucket, your hammer??? Seriously – great pictures, even though you’ve managed to remind us all about Brexit ….

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