1. What a treat Jo to see all these little ones … some a bit over awed by the event but I’m sure there were lots of smiles and fun through the day for all . Costume making must have begun very early on … quite a task !
    Happy weekend too Jo 🍹xx

    1. The teachers put enormous effort into the whole thing, Poppy. Some of the tots will enjoy it more next year… some won’t 🙂 🙂 It’s a long weekend of parades, hon, and I’m walking tomorrow morning. No rest for the wicked 🙂 All ok with you?

      1. Haha there’s wicked ..and then there’s wicked Lol Jo
        All good here thanks .. grateful we are some way from the River Severn and the floods :/ Feel very sorry for those folks having to go through clearing up / insurance claims and loss of irreplaceable personal effects …
        On a brighter note … enjoy your walk tomorrow .. no lazy idle Sunday for you by the sound of it ! xx

      2. Friend just returned from Yorkshire and she says everything is swimming. Can’t believe we inhabit the same planet sometimes. I do know how very lucky… 🙂

  2. Jo, what not to like about a carnival?! 😀 The children are so sweet and the costumes adorable and so colourful. What is the rest of the day like? Floats, rides, food stalls? I love the look of the warm and sunny weather! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend … I’m up in Nottingham and we’re promised the visit to a chocolate cocktail bar! Hugs xx

    1. Carnival lasts till Tuesday, and various towns and villages have their own parades and celebrations. There are masked balls on an evening in some places. The biggest parade is at Loulé and we’ll go along some time in the next few days. 🙂 🙂 (We can get good chocolate in Loulé too) Have fun!

  3. They all look very young! Must be quite a feat rounding them up and getting them in the same place. They do look sweet and the costumes are amazing, so very colourful. Life in Tavira seems to be one long carnival 🥳🎉

    1. The teachers are great with them and goodness knows who makes all the costumes. This is party weekend with masked balls and a variety of parades. I won’t be indulging much this year but Loule is a must. 😁💕

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