Jo’s Monday walk : Corte Pequena

At this time of year I’m seriously enamoured of almond blossom.  Singly they are like small girls, spreading their skirts in a graceful curtsy.  On a laden bough, they are the chorus line in Swan Lake, fluttering together in delicate motion.  Like the dying swan, their days are numbered, for already they’ve been in bloom for a month.

The variety of colours confuses me.  I was told recently that the paler blossoms are sweet almonds and the darker ones are bitter but I haven’t been able to verify this.  I’m happy just to admire.  In any case, I digress, and it’s time to get started on our walk.  You will have gathered that I’m back in the Algarve hills, this time our start point a small village, Corte Pequena, with its own orange grove.

On a Saturday morning all was peaceful, far removed from the bustle of the city.  A small terrier took it upon himself to defend his territory, but soon realised we were harmless enough and gave up.  We didn’t have to walk far to find blossom.

Nor the wild clover that blooms everywhere in the Algarve at this time of year.  It’s widely regarded as a pest, but so pretty!  We followed the gentle gradient of the hills, climbing to a vantage point overlooking the dam at Odeleite.  In the distance a herd of goats graze.

Despite recent rains the water levels are still quite low.  Strangulated trees lean into the valley, some twisted by nature while others were burnt out some years ago.  Bamboo follows a narrow stream through the valley bed, but we find a good point to cross, with just a stride or two and a held hand.  Sometimes it can require a good plodge.

Soon we have come full circle and the village is spread out before us.  As we descend a young dog decides that we will make good company.  He gambols playfully alongside us, setting off a chorus of warnings from his wiser elders.  Perhaps they are aware that sheep wander loose here.

For a moment we think that we are going to be playing Pied Piper to the flock, followed by an irate shepherd.  But fortunately sheep have a short attention span and we are less interesting than the juicy grazing.  I suspect you know the feeling.

That has to be one of the tastiest almond tarts I’ve ever eaten.  The mural and wonderful metal sculptures were at the start of the Amendoeira (Almond Blossom) Trail, at nearby Alta Mora.

walking logo

I’ve been walking with you weekly (or weakly!) for 6 years next month, and I’m thinking I should call time on our perambulations.  Or cut back to a monthly, or fortnightly, event.  I’m just as restless as ever, but I’m resident in Portugal now and many of my wanderings are local.  I don’t want to bore you all, and I might like to try something different.  I expect there’d still be occasional cake.

Meantime, thank you for your support and your wonderful company.  Here are this week’s walks.


If only Janet could walk in a straight line!

Monday walk… weaving around

Alice lives in a very beautiful place, and is happy to share :

A Symbol of Hospitality- Pineapple Fountain

A gentle look at life from Drake this week :

Winterly mood

It’s ages since I went along to the other end of the Algarve.  This is a lovely walk!

Randonnée / Hike from Armacáo de Pera to Praia de Marinha

Reminding us that Valentine’s Day is almost here, Natalie takes…

A Walk Among the Roses

While Cathy looks at local and Civil War history in Virginia, US :

Cedar Creek & Belle Grove National Historical Park

And Rosemay checks out a little family history in north London :

Off the Tourist Trail in London – A Stroll round Islington

Wishing you a great week!  Hopefully the storms have passed.



  1. Your opening words capture my imagination, I am back at the Sydney Opera house watching Swan Lake and can see the similarity you have described beautifully and your love of almonds is infectious. This post is a walk full off beauty.


  2. Anyway, meanwhile your blossom is so lovely I can almost smell it and the yellow and green hill is a fab shot. The tart is chocka isn’t it, it must take a while to chomp through x:-)x


  3. Oh my I didn’t think you’d change your Monday walk posts. They’re so wonderful and would be dreadfully missed. You can only change if you start something new. Says me who rarely posts 😦


    1. Well, the jury’s still out, hon. I would really miss doing them but they are very tying. I don’t really know what I want to do, but I need a bit of a shake up. I feel like a one trick pony. 🙂 🙂


      1. At least when I is my lazy poets thursday they only took a few minutes to do.I’m ambivalent about blogging at the mo, don’t want to give up, but like you I need a different plan or something. I keep telling myself that next year I’ll have more time to do it properly.


      2. I retire in June next year! I’m the same with summer plans, my school friends and I were hoping to have a weekend somewhere warm for our 65th, but one of their husbands isn’t well at all so it’s all in limbo. Flight prices seem to have rocketed as well!


  4. I missed that last paragraph and then read on Jude’s blog that you’re considering ending Monday Walks. I would love to see more walks in Portugal, but I understand your need to cut back. Perhaps a once a month walk would be a good compromise for those of us who love to see where you go.


  5. I loved your pictures of almond blossoms! I’ve never heard or seen them before. We’ve got a month for cherry blossoms here. The skies look blue and the green grass just made my day. Have a great week, Jo! xo


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