Six word Saturday

A last gentle flicker of light

Almost Epiphany and the batteries are fading.  Soon be time to dim my candlelight but, for Becky, it’s just beginning.  Join her for January Light till the end of this month.  And don’t forget to visit Debbie for a Saturday smile.  Have a happy day!



    1. On a tiny battery. My daughter sent them last Christmas, when she was looking for something that cost very little postage. 🙂 🙂 The blue and white candleholder in the background, we bought together at a Christmas Fair in Nottingham, long ago.


  1. aah flickering in one sense but yes .. here’s to the new year of 2020 and a brand new decade too dear Jo. Wishing you the very best with it all 🙂
    Love Poppy x


    1. Hello, lovely Poppy 🙂 🙂 Always good to have you appear, though I can’t return the visit. We had a lovely evening, with an accordionist and his young apprentice in one of the churches, then a last walk around the Tavira lights with our neighbour, Marie, and a nice meal. Home again now, by the Christmas tree. Last day of celebration here tomorrow. Wishing you a peaceful and happy new year.


  2. Those are lovely, Jo. I put all the Christmas things away yesterday except for the decorations on the tree. I often leave everything up much longer, but in this year of getting ready to move, they had to come down now. Enjoy the weekend.



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