Jo’s Monday walk : Christmas in Tavira

I know you don’t have much time for walking this week, but I thought you might like a little stroll with me?  Tavira is looking very pretty on an evening.  Come and see the lights!  We needn’t walk far.

Ponte Romana and the riverside are strewn with blue lights.  The Military Bridge is finally being dismantled, after 29 years as a ‘temporary’ structure.  That’s how things are around here.  Things take time!  But the end result is usually worth it.

It does leave a question mark over this New Year’s Eve firework display.  In recent years the fireworks have been launched from the Military Bridge.  Maybe they will use a barge on the river.

The fountain wasn’t here when we first came to Tavira.  We’ve seen a few changes.  In the austerity years the Christmas trees were simple wooden structures.  Now we sparkle and shine, and things are looking up.

Round the corner, couples pose in a shining star.  Last year we had a giant bauble, which now takes pride of place in Faro marina.

In the run up to Christmas there have been carol concerts, both in the old Mercado and in many of the churches.

Much needed rain arrived, putting a bit of a dampener on scurrying shoppers, and delaying our visit to the bombeiros Nativity scene.  Three days later, blue skies inevitably returned and the town was bathed in warm sunshine once more.

I shall be sad to leave, but I’m off to England today, to share a few Christmas hugs.  You’ll scarcely miss me before I’m back, on Thursday.  I hope that, wherever you are in the world, you get your share of hugs this festive season.  Wishing you joy always (and cake!)

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Not many shares this week, but all are very welcome.  Join me soon, on Jo’s Monday walk.


Debbie always astounds me with her photography.  This one is a beauty- please don’t miss it!

A wander through Christmas at Kew

The sky can be endlessly fascinating.  Come cloud-gazing with Janet :

Sunset walk

Some places still look beautiful dripping wet!  Drake never minds the weather :

Beyond the rain

Emma showcases her beautiful artwork, in lovely Donegal :

The Burtonport Old Railway Walk, Ireland

While Eunice pursues her love of street art, in Dublin :

A day out in Dublin

Cathy regretfully completes her pilgrimage :

A day in Santiago de Compostela

And Hikeminded shares some beautiful images from Germany :

Odenwald: Engelberg Monastery and Miltenberg

Lastly, spare a thought for Australia.  What a nightmare this Winter has been for so many!

Hills of Sand

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. Hi Jo
    I know my wife (Georgina) follows your blog and you hers but I don’t appear online very often!
    I’m amazed by the Tavira pictures! We went to the ‘light show’ in Faro that was on just one weekend in late October I think just before we returned to Spain and thence to the UK.
    For three out of the four last years (2015-2018) we’ve arrived in Portugal on New Year’s Eve to stay the night in Monte Gordo and enjoy the fireworks and we spent one Christmas (2016) in Spain but I had no idea that Tavira was so well lit up at Xmas. This year we did spend most of the Feria de Dieta Mediterranea (end of 1st week in September) in Tavira enjoying all the free music, exhibitions and dancing with too many very late nights.
    Até logo
    (PS. Leeds is my son’s home town. Like Georgina, I’m a Londoner).


    1. Nice to meet you, Trevor 🙂 🙂 We’ve just returned from a ‘night on the town’ – an accordionist in one of the churches, a last walk round the beautiful Christmas lights and a lovely meal. The New Year’s Eve fireworks were fabulous. Perhaps next year? Let me know if you can make it. 🙂 🙂


      1. Don’t seem to be able to reply on my phone – one of WordPress’s many quirks perhaps.
        If it’s Tavira you are referring to (and not Leeds) then there’s a good chance we could make that (for New Year) but I wonder if Georgina might like to arrange a meet up sooner! (I expect we’re next in Cabanas in January).


      2. We’ll be here 🙂 🙂 Though I’m half thinking of a flying visit to Leeds for my son’s 30th. It will be there and back in a nanosecond, if we do it 🙂


  2. Trying desperately to catch up, as usual, but better late than never. I would have hated to miss this sparkly wonderland you posted. How enchanting. Lucky you to get to revisit after the rain. 😀


  3. Rain? Would you mind explaining to me what that is? The lights are amazing and your photos do them proud. I hope you enjoyed your English Christmas and wish you many Algarve and other pleasures for 2020.


    1. It’s something you need to visit England to check out, Meg! I gather Brian managed a blessed sprinkle or two in his neck of the woods. I loved every second of my family time. Gone too quickly but they’re happy – that’s all that matters, isn’t it? 🤗💕 Thanks darlin. I thought of you! Off to town this evening so I’ll be admiring those lights again. Hugs! No improvement at yours? 😔


      1. No. Fire’s getting closer. Escaping immolation seems like a pipe dream.

        However, my granddaughter organised a splendid Christmas day and was very pleased with herself. A tree, carols, presents, a feast – all her doing. As an aside she swears I gave her her first glass of wine at an indecently young age – a photo to “prove” it. The Polish two are playing around with an old camera – Jaś photographing dogs, Maja “circles, like Nanny Meg”.


  4. I love, love, love the current lights of Tavira, Jo, especially since I have been looking in vain for some Christmas atmosphere here in Kentucky. Last night, we stayed in the biggest city of the state – Louisville – and still, the lit-up houses, structures, and yards were far and few between. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas with your family and I am confident you will welcome 2020 with smiles and blue skies in Portugal. Have an amazing New Year, full of walks, pleasure, love, friendship, blog connections, cake, and good health!


    1. Those are fabulous wishes, Liesbet- thank you so much! 🙂 🙂 I’m in that ‘Netherworld’ state right now- heart in Leeds and body here in the Algarve, but I know that once I venture out to my salt marshes and hills I’ll be grounded again. Life is too short to be sad. Tonight we’ll probably go into town for a meal and admire the lights again, and I’ll try to sparkle and shine.


  5. This is so very festive and beautiful Jo! I popped in here earlier and assumed you were still in Tavira. Merry Christmas again and enjoy your time with James.


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