Six word Saturday

Is the sky telling me something?

I love sitting on my roof terrace looking out to sea, especially in the evening.  Just occasionally the clouds gather.  Debbie might be on a roof too, this week.  Join her with Six Words?  Have a great weekend!



  1. I love the composition of this shot! So much sky and so little earth, and the white dazzling. Have a great week my dear. The Town Hall clock is just striking 8 (am) in Newcastle. Home again on Wednesday. And life resumes normality at Spud.


  2. I see a jet plane… when do your visitors arrive then? Ready for lots of gadding about I imagine. We won’t be going far this week, it’s raining stair rods today – horizontal ones at times!


    1. Monday evening. Croquet tomorrow then cleaning. It’s going to be a hot week but they’ll be fine. As they go back another couple arrive and the lady loves the sun but has to be very careful as it doesn’t love her. Plenty to show them all and I expect there’ll be far too much eating and drinking 😊🍾🍰💕

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  3. You wouldn’t want to hang your washing out here Jo, we’ve had six days of rain so far and at the moment it’s pouring down again – even the dogs don’t want to go out 😦


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