Six word Saturday

I’m a bit of a dinosaur!

Many thanks to Leeds City Council for bringing so much pleasure to small boys and girls this summer.  And to some of us oldies!  Debbie’s having fun today too.  Join her with six words?  Happy Saturday!



  1. I hope you didn’t take your pet giraffe with you — one look at that first dinosaur might have made him “long to neck” with such a good looking beast!

  2. All little boys seem to love dinosaurs, I had some photos sent to me recently with my youngest grandsons in Brisbane enjoying them there – they do get around despite being extinct!

    BTW You might want to check your comments and get rid of a spam one.

    1. Thanks Jude! I thought I had but I did it on the phone so perhaps not. I need to put the laptop on anyway. I need the walk to write itself this week. No time! 🤔💕

      1. Must be nice to be so busy! I’m having a slovenly Saturday, catching up on the blogs whilst waiting for my garden helper to finish watching the F1 qualifiers – I think he may have fallen asleep!
        Spam comments that slip through annoy me, as does that CHINA one which simply reblogs other people’s posts. Why do that? Why have a blog that isn’t actually yours? Money from adverts? Whatever, it really bugs me.

      2. Got it, hon! Me too- I’m never sure what to do about her. She’s so polite, but as you say… must be money. 😦 Been trying to watch Rafa too but no coverage on the free channels here.

  3. They seem to be escaping, Jo. Are you sure you didn’t take one home?
    And I adore the last photo. The interaction between boy and dino is priceless. ❤
    Have a great Saturday! *hugs*

    1. Did you recognise the little boy? I don’t like to share him too obviously on here but he had a great time. And yes- it feels like home again. I’ve just wandered back from t’ai chi smiling at the world 🤗🦕💕

      1. You do! Well observed, Ann. The horse is a permanent feature of the Trinity Shopping Centre. I just caught him at an interesting angle 🥰🐴🦖💕

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