1. Hi Jo! Have just been scrolling through your wonderful series about your recent Azores trip – am amazed at the diversity of the different islands, the colours and descriptions of the life there. Your photos are simply stunning! Apologies for my lengthy absence – our renovations have rather taken over our lives recently and both the pets have been getting quite stressed so have needed lots of tlc. We hope to have our house back by the end of this week! 🙂 🙂 You are so organised – I’ve still to finish my Alaska trip from last August plus Seattle let alone our most recent trip in April/May to Uk and Germany. Just plodding along with a couple of posts here and there (I have got a walk this week which might be of interest so could link it to you?). Still we plan to stay put here for a while so I shall have plenty of material to keep me going! Hope all’s well with you in the Algarve (though think you may be heading over to the Uk soon for a break) take care xx 🙂 🙂


    1. Hello lovely! I knew you were busy and probably harassed, Rosemay, so I wasn’t expecting you to follow. I absolutely adored the Azores and hope to go back some time but I don’t want to spin the posts out too long. We’re just back from Aveiro in the north and I have other stuff I want to post. Seems ages since we were in the Azores and I still have at least 2 weeks of posts but it’s lovely looking back. 2 weeks today we go to Leeds. Totally unprepared! But looking forward to seeing them. Just having a lazy wine before we go home from the beach. I have quite a lot of walks linked already and tomorrow’s walk only half written. I’ll pop over later. If not this week I’ll include it next. Ok? Bye for now 😍💕

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      1. Absolutely fine Jo no hurries at all to include – just whenever and thanks for your understanding 🙂 Harassed is an apt word it’s just been full on – won’t bore you with the details but the electrician was taken seriously ill over the weekend, the tilers have gone awol to another job and we’re having to get the dog trainer back to deal with Winston’s anxiety! More than a few lazy wines needed here! The saving grace has been the beautiful crisp clear winter’s days the past week so we can get out for walks down by the sea and enjoy the local cafes. I loved looking through your photos of the Azores and you can always come back to those posts if you want to another time. My posts are certainly not always in chronological order! Sounds like you have a lot going on yourself! I always think I’ll never be organised before we go away but always seem to get there in the end. Take care and have a good week xx 🙂


      1. hee hee . . now there’s a thought.

        Glad to be back or have you got itchy feet already?!!

        I was working all day yesterday and today need to catch up with house stuff as lots of visitors over the next few days, so planning to have our weekend in the week!!


      2. Actually quite nice to be home, and we only have 2 weeks before we’re off to Leeds. I need to finish the Azores before we go but there’s still so much to ‘tell and show’. 🙂 🙂

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