Six word Saturday

Azores?  Impossible in just six words!

See the cone shape in the background?  That’s Pico, a volcanic island with the highest mountain in Portugal.  We could see it from our bedroom.

Hard to say which was my favourite island.  Probably Pico or Sáo Jorge, but we had another great bedroom view from Horta, on Faial.

Just the tip of the iceberg.  Come to think of it, that’s a great Six Words! (or maybe, the volcano?)  The captions will help.  Happy Saturday!



    1. There’s so much to tell, Liesbet! Not sure what’s coming next 🙂 🙂 We did cheap and cheerful all the way up to posh, and the better views were at the cheaper end.


  1. The possibility of waking up and find this beautiful mountain in front of you is amazing.
    I had that opportunity in São Jorge, when I stayed in Calheta, and even in Pico, the view from the place where I stayed was amazing!

    The best islands in the World, the Azores islands! 🙂


  2. The Azores is a dream destination for sailors; a much welcome stop on the watery road from the Caribbean to the Med. So far, I’ve yet to convince The Captain to bring me back that way (he’s already #beentheredonethat) but never say never. How blessed are you to watch the sun’s journey across Pico and to walk along Velas on São Jorge? Oh to anchor off Porto Pim …although sadly, I’ve heard that is forbidden due to the optical fiber submarine cable laid there.


      1. 😁Good to know my intel on the anchorage was accurate – I was feeling rather jealous of that sailboat wondering who they knew to be allowed to drop anchor there …obviously, they knew nobody and nothing but they do now 😉


      1. Fun!
        We will visit a brewery this afternoon with friends, and have a chat, some snacks and dark sweet heavy beers in the sun. Though I’ll have to wait with the beer until we’re home again, since I’m driving. 😉 But I’ll buy some goodness for later on. 🤗

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  3. Oh how beautiful. Your pictures are stunning. Portugal is on my “places to see list”. Your pictures want to make me visit more and more.


  4. What beautiful views of Pico. You were in the Azores while we were in Lagos. We drove from Porto hugging the coast for a couple of weeks. Used Portugal Trails as our trip planer. Did I understand that this was a birthday trip. Well then Happy belated Birthday. Portugal is stunning and I can see why you chose to move to the Algarve. Ron participated in a photographic workshop while in the country and loved the coastal scenery. I love the mosaics and the dragons are so clever. Take care.


    1. What a treat to have you here, Lynne! There’s nothing better than an old friend dropping in. Thank you so much! 🙂 🙂 The birthday was back in November when we were just moving out here, so this was something to look forward to. And I did! Absolutely loved it 🙂 You folks take care, too. Good to know you’re still ‘on the road’.


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