Six word Saturday

Indulge yourself a little this Easter?

You can walk off the calories later!  I love beautiful presentation and that raspberry really spoke to me.  Just a mouthful  🙂  Happy Easter!  And don’t forget to visit Debbie with six words.



  1. We’ll be indulging ourselves, too – only differently: with BBQ [racks of ribs, pork belly, pork chops, and sausages = the whole hog – literally!]
    A Happy Easter to you,


  2. Traditional in Texas are Chocolate Bunnies. Since we were I suppose. (Did you know that we were our own country before we joined the USA?)


      1. Bread and cheese today, but I bet you have something substantial planned for tomorrow! No idea what I’ll have tomorrow, as a friend is cooking…but I am cooking for another friend on Monday, so it’s the Paschal lamb….


      2. Sao Bras in the morning, coinciding with Becky. We might manage coffee between excitement. Either Loule for the big procession at teatime or Fado locally. Depends on the other half, as usual. 😊 We’re homeward bound on a local trawl of the hedgerows and a sneaky glass of wine. Bye for now 🍷💕

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  3. Food’s OK tonight! We’re feasting on Camembert, biscuits, and duck, fig and ginger pate, with rosé and left over baked potato, after a day of music. So I’m not terminally envious. Enjoy Easter. Just talked to Ro and heard that Warsaw now stops for a minute on siren alert, to commemorate the Ghetto uprising – and that teachers have been on strike for two weeks, with no end in sight. Pay and conditions are abysmal.


    1. Food sounds fabulous. I’ll come to yours. Off down to t’ai chi on a very murky morning. The UK have pinched our sun but it’s not begrudged. We have fabulous orchid trees and processions aplenty. Sending Easter hugs 😍🐰🐣🍫🍷💕


    1. Thanks, darlin! 🙂 🙂 Yes, I think we probably have, Tish. It’s gone walkabout here. I’m wondering if it will stay dry for t’ai chi in the park this morning but the orchid trees there are looking sensational. Happy Easter, hon!

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