Six word Saturday

Smile, you could be a strawberry!

I wanted to be a pirate!

Or I could hold a tune?

They gave me so many smiles.Β  I hope they brighten your weekend.Β  Go traveling with Debbie and Six Words?



  1. Fun, Jo. This is my big chance, I want to be a choir boy. I was kicked out of a churc choir after I failed the director’s audition.

  2. I’d have probably ended up being a strawberry, Jo. Can’t hold a tune (never could!) and I’m nowhere near cool enough to be a pirate! Cute photos.

  3. So cute, Jo and I am impressed with the costumes … the music ones are informative and inventive! The young children are so sweet, very serious and earnest at times, making sure everyone and everything is just as it should be! These have definitely brightened up my weekend. Have a a terrific weekend … and you’re happily missing out on the gale force winds/ showers and intermittent sunshine! Inside is cosy and snug!πŸ˜€

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