Six word Saturday

What the heck? Three zero one!

Following on from 300… widely known as the Chameleon Trail, these pine woods east of Monte Gordo are luxuriant in Bridal Bloom this year.  A less well defined shot appears in my Instagram account.  I much prefer this one.  Debbie, meanwhile, is following the trail of history.  In Six Words, of course!  Have a happy Saturday!



  1. Love the woodland here Jo – the Bridal Bloom looks so pretty. I haven’t come across it before (or else didn’t know what it was called). Such a lovely spot for a walk – hope there are no snakes lurking in the grass! There might be here so we stay away from long grassland apart from winter!

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  2. This is a stunning image Jo, not the usual Portuguese blue sky and sea, but almost English in its beauty. I am so glad you are continuing so we get to see more of your new homeland. Sorry I am so late to comment but the broadband has been up and down all day. Mostly down 😨

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