Jo’s Monday walk : Punta del Moral

I can get a bit obsessive sometimes, so when it was suggested to me that the area around Punta del Moral, in Huelva province, has more than its share of beautiful, white bridal broom right now… well, nothing for it but another trip to Spain!  By one of those strange quirks of fate, Todos a Caminhar were holding an event there this Sunday, which gave me just the excuse I needed.

I’ve introduced you to Todos a Caminhar before.  It’s an initiative to keep people healthy by getting them out walking.  Each Sunday at 10 they meet at a different venue, and on this particular weekend it was a coordinated effort with the council in Ayamonte, across the Guadiana in Spain.  Coachloads converged on Punta del Moral from around the Algarve, and the locals came too.  There are always a few characters at these things, and the gentleman with the strange horn amused himself, and the crowd, with a spinning top and a hoop.

There was a great feeling of camaraderie, free drinks and even a small cake- don’t tell!  People lined up in semi-organised fashion after a bit of a warm up and, with a minimum of jostling, we were away.  Soon the crowd thinned out as people found their own walking pace.  There were 3 different walk lengths, from 4.7 to 10.5km, to cater for all abilities.

It’s a very watery world, out there on the salt flats.  A lazy amalgam of river and sea.  Much of the heather looks like scrub with the tide out, especially at this time of year.  In summer it glows a beautiful lilac, but it’s too hot then to walk in this open terrain.  The river wanders wilfully, twisting and turning, often sluggish as the tide nudges in and, just occasionally, gushing and frothing with enthusiasm.

Our path takes us close to Ayamonte, clearly visible across the channel, and then turns its back to head for the ocean.  A lone fisherman searches for shellfish to eke out the diet while, beyond him, the fancy resort of Isla Canela fills the horizon with empty apartments.

In the opposite direction, the lighthouse at Isla Cristina commands attention, blinking in bright sunlight.  Around we go again, pausing only to glug a little water, and admire a cluster of cistus, who seem to be a long way from home.

The broom are not so prevalent here, but thronged the road in welcome as we approached, and are there to nod goodbye.  Before we left I persuaded the other half to take a final look at Isla Canela.  We once considered buying there, but are very glad we didn’t.

For a boat lover like me, the marina is a magnet, but there’s no heart to the place.  I’m consoled by a single, shocking pink Livingstone daisy- old friends of mine.  And, on the very edge of the resort, stop briefly by Ermita de Nuestra Senhora de Carmen.  I’d narrowly missed opening time- 11.30-1.30 on Sundays, but if I’m ever around on 16th July, I might get to see Our Lady carried to the estuary.

After all that walking, you wouldn’t begrudge a little something sweet, would you?  And packed full of healthy fruit!

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Spoilt for choice again this week!  There’s a bumper bundle of walks- please do visit as many as you can.  And feel free to join me here on Jo’s Monday walk with one of your own.  I’ll try and make you welcome.


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That’s it for another week.  Hope it’s a good one!  Take care of yourselves, and I’ll see you next time.  No Spain, but maybe chocolate?


  1. So lovely to read of your adventures in this beautiful climate Jo. What a great way to get people out walking! We are expecting another round of snow & ice tomorrow. Spring is just around the corner….I think!

  2. Thank you for the pleasant start to the week. Lovely to see so many flower photos and scenery. I wonder what those lovely white flowers in first week are called?

  3. Thanks for taking me along on another spring-like walk when it’s snowing here in Virginia again. It definitely cheers me up! Love all the photos! Have a happy week, and thanks for the link, Jo. xx

    1. More snow, Cathy! Doesn’t seem right somehow. 😕 Done all my housework this morning and been to order new settees. Sitting in the sun contemplating mischief 🌞🌷🍹🍨💕 xx

    1. The walk leaders are super fit people and very enthusiastic, Su, but the nice thing is that anyone can join in. There were little old ladies and a few children too 😄🍨🍍🌷🍹💕

      1. Thanks, darlin! 🙂 🙂 Would you believe she had ‘afternoon tea’ at Betty’s for breakfast? Betty’s are an institution in Yorkshire. Quite extravagant in their profusion of tea and cakes 🙂

  4. That looks a lovely walk, if a tad populated for me. They used to have these all-comers walks in France too – I guess they still do, but we rarely went on them – they felt like the January sales, though the camaraderie was fun. I’ve got serious weather envy at the moment….

    1. You’ll be happy (ish) to know that the day ended cool (ish) and cloudy yesterday, Margaret. Today’s not sure yet, but I can see a lot of blue, which may well discourage me from all the household chores I really must do. 🙂 🙂

    1. It’s pristine and beautiful, Jill, but the place is a ghost town at this time of year. No community! We stayed barely half hour- long enough for a drink and to admire the boats. 🙂 🙂

  5. Can’t keep up with you, you are here there and everywhere! Loving the bridal bloom and weren’t those views fantastic 😁

    Looking less blue today our way, so it looks like my Monday walk today is going to be another grey one. I’m getting good at finding our cloudy days!!! Thank you so much for the link, glad we’ve created a full circle for you in the hills xxx

    1. Mick wasn’t well after yesterday and he thought too much sun (Jude says too many paint fumes 🙂 ), so we don’t mind the clouds. I need a good clean and find homes for things so I’m full of intentions- we’ll see! There’s an Algarve History Association lecture associated with windmills this evening so I’ll probably go to that for light relief. 🙂 🙂 Big thanks- your efforts and warnings are much appreciated. No idea when we’ll get to do it. Almond Trail tomorrow with the Striders.

      1. Oh no sending hugs to Mick, probably a combination of both plus a leftover language headache! Hopefully today he’ll soon be feeling better xxxx

        Hmmmm is all I can say about the AHA lectures, although the idea of going for a giggle with you is very tempting 😉

        And no worries about the other half of walk. We enjoyed it despite the confusions 😃

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