Jo’s Monday walk : Party time in Ayamonte

You could be forgiven for thinking that I don’t really like living in Portugal at all!  Here I am, hopping on a ferry and crossing the border to Spain, yet again.  Actually, I was trying to salvage a day that was rapidly turning into a disaster.

Not for the youngsters, and Spanish families, though.  Owing to my bad timing I managed to completely miss the traditional Three Kings procession at Vila Real de Santo Antonio in the Algarve last week.  They had already ferried across to Ayamonte when I got there and not a trace of them was to be found in the sleepy streets.  Portuguese families were quietly strolling, sipping coffee in the cafés and contemplating lunch.  In a vain effort to catch up with the action, I persuaded the other half that we too should ferry across the Guadiana.

The atmosphere couldn’t have been more different in Spain!  It felt like the whole world was on the streets, out for a thoroughly good time.  A party was brewing and each and every plaza resounded with lively Spanish chatter.  But still no sign of the Kings!  Taking a breather from the hubbub, we climbed steps through the old side of town to look down on the river.

Back at ground level, everyone seemed to be walking in the same direction, the noise level constantly rising.  Tempting to take refuge for a while in the tranquility of the marina, overlooked by a faded sunset drama.

From across the street another mural smiles at me, inviting despite her tattered appearance.  As people settle into bars and reach for another beer, I begin to realise that I am not destined to see the parade.  The sun is already sinking low in the sky and the last ferry will be leaving soon.  It’s a short ride across the river but a long walk back by road!

Time to make the best of the situation and simply enjoy a beautiful sunset ride home, on a warm and lovely January evening.

Next year I promise to be better organised.  Did you notice, we didn’t even stop for cake? (though I did pick some up to nibble on the ferry  🙂 ). If you’d like to know more about the celebration, this link gives a little background.  Right now I have walks to share.   Join me next time on Jo’s Monday walk?  You’ll be more than welcome.

walking logo

Say hello to Natalie!  She’s doing her best to get us all fit this year :

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No such problems at Alice’s place!

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More amazing architectural explorations with Cathy, this week :

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You may not wander far but, if you look, you can always find something interesting.  Pauline and Jack set a fine example :

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Next week I shall be sharing purely Portuguese almond blossom.  For now my attention is seriously distracted by Australian Open tennis and the return to play of Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray.  Have a great week, won’t you?



  1. Well you certainly got a set of winning photographs even if you did not witness the celebrations. Gorgeous photos. It all looks so alluring.
    I am wondering about the tattered mural of the woman ~ is it actually a print of a photograph that was enlarged and pasted on the wall? We saw a fascinating documentary about the artist that does this ~ he travels all over in a mobile van which has a huge printer inside it and uses the photos to highlight issues or concerns of workers etc and this “mural” looks like it might be one of those photos….?

    Such a pretty spot, seems worth returning for….



    1. Hi Peta, and thanks 🙂 🙂 The mural may well have been a photograph. I was on the other side of quite a busy street and dodging traffic so I didn’t get very close but I loved the lady’s face. Did he sign his work, do you know? We don’t go to Ayamonte often but I’ll have a closer look next time.


  2. I always think that in Spain it’s not so much the actual parade that counts, it’s the atmosphere and the obvious enjoyment of everyone in the streets in the massive get together. I’ve been to a few Parades in Spain in my time and the only one that really needs “A Parade” I would say is Las Fallas in Valencia. Your photos are brilliant though, as always, and takes me back to the sunshine and pleasure of the Iberian peninsula, so thank you for that plus the enjoyment of being with you on your walk through the town. I shall be in the Alpujarra region of Spain in June and if my arthritis allows me I may manage a few walks in the ‘Driving Over Lemons’ area. But meantime, I shall have to get out and about in my own area and get moving – soon as the weather heats up! I’m still unable to drive so that limits me somewhat.


    1. I have an unplanned year ahead, Mari, other than an Azores trip in June that I’m still organising. Visitors, decorating and walking locally seem to fill our lives not to mention language class and t’ai chi. I’m freewheeling but eventually hope to take control 😎💕 xx


  3. I love the murals, Jo. You may have missed some of the festivities you’d looked forward to, but you find the most beautiful alternatives! I love those colorful Christmas trees, too. 🙂


    1. It was a glorious day, Debbie, and it would have been a shame just to go home. I was hesitant about sharing this one as it’s really not a walk, but then, that’s often the case on here. I just love telling the stories. And I love that you come and share them with me. 🙂 🙂


    1. There’s been a lot of them lately. Hardly a cloud since before Christmas, but we do have some rain forecast later this week. At least I’ll be able to watch some tennis and get some jobs done. Too tempting to be out, Anabel. 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Blue skies and sunshine! How fabulous in January. Looks absolutely wonderful Jo. Don’t blame you at all in crossing the border occasionally to explore, go for it. Surprised by the lack of cake however, you need to get back on that.


    1. I just remarked to Jackie that I have a great photo of the traditional Bolo Rei that I could have used, but by that time I was focused on tennis and forgot all about it. No cake left, mind- just the photo, Jonno. 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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