Six word Saturday


Can you believe, perfect blossom already?

The earliest I ever remember seeing it!  We’ve had such wonderfully sunny days, but, ooh, it can be nippy on a night.  🙂  Debbie’s a bit of a wonder, too.  How does she keep turning out such perfect Six Word Saturdays?



      1. It’s a local red, Sue. Very agreeable for the time of day. The Fado is in a church and the acoustics will be beautiful. May as well eat out afterwards. Don’t want to spoil the day with my cooking 😃 xx

  1. Beautiful! And that’s a great shot, more than just a quick snapshot – I can feel your enjoyment in it.
    We’ve not been over sunny here, but every now and then it appears and brings its delights
    Happy weekend Jo

    1. But what would you have to look forward to, Annika? 🙂 🙂 I’m expecting rock roses up in the hills next, and maybe even wild orchids! Be still my beating heart 🙂 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

      1. Ahh… such wonders! I like looking forward for things but it just seems SO long until then. Here some trees are in bud and bulbs out saying hello … just hoping a cold snap doesn’t get to them! Happy Saturday, my friend! 🌺🌸🌼🌷

    1. That’s a very good question, Pauline! I was out with the Strollers and was amazed that they strode through a field of these beauties without even pausing to admire. They must have had the coffee stop in mind. 🙂 I lingered just long enough to take a few shots as I was unfamiliar with the route.

      1. I think phones get more camera use than cameras these days, and they do take good photos. The slow strollers sound like my sort of group, especially when they always end at a coffee shop…🤩

  2. It’s extraordinary isn’t it, so wonderful to see. 😊

    Hope the lack of rain (over a month now) though doesn’t cause any problems. The ground is so dry in places.

      1. Hee hee, yes that would be fabulous. How about every Wednesday evening as that way it doesn’t matter if it’s a few hours late or early!

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