Jo’s ‘not a Monday walk’

Hi folks!  Normal service is far from being resumed, but I’m aware of collecting lots of walks which I really ought to share, so here I am today.  Could I perhaps ask that you don’t send me any more links for the moment?  I have family arriving at the weekend and they have first call on my time.  I shall have a sixth birthday to celebrate, Halloween to avoid (my daughter more than makes up for me), and then the weight of numbers will come crashing down on my head.  A big one!

As if that’s not enough, I have a cat to feed.  One that hisses at me. (I do understand, I’m not the patient mistress of the house  🙂  ).  Actually, the mistress explained to me how I should place a doorstop to prevent me being locked out in the garden with said cat.  And then the door blew shut, as she was explaining, and both of us were marooned in the garden.  Life, huh?  Her on tiptoe, looking over the wall for a neighbour.  Balanced on the back of a chair.  “Christina?”  Nothing!  I holler too, but my husband is painting, in blissful ignorance.  Finally a workman a few doors down comes to see what the matter is.  ‘Er, could you open my back door and let us in, please?’  The front door is wide open.  Hopefully I won’t repeat the incident in her absence.

So, what else?  Todos a caminhar, the free walks programme aimed at encouraging a healthy population, has resumed.  On a sunkissed Sunday morning we lined up on the boardwalk at Cabanas, with music to enhance the enthusiastic warm up.  Good for a giggle if you’re an observer.  And then we’re off!  Out of the village on a back lane, past orange and olive groves.  Some of us chattering, some striding out determinedly.  At the halfway point, a bottle of water, an apple and a breakfast bar, thoughtfully provided by the council.  And afterwards, an invitation to lunch with a lovely couple.  Sunday became a celebration of life, as we boated across the narrow channel to the ilha, and strolled on the finest of sand.

I’m still dipping into the archives for today’s photos, but you can keep track of most of my doings on Instagram or Facebook.  It’s much easier to share to them straight from the phone.

walking logo

Please read and enjoy these, if you haven’t already.  I won’t be sharing any more for a while.  Many thanks to everybody.


Seems ages since I shared a walk of Becky’s.  She’s back in Portugal later this week.  Whoop-e-doop!

A palace fit for an English Queen

A glass of wine with Drake?  It would be an honour :

Colors of mood

Rupali shares some wonderful colours too :

Leaves in Autumn

Was September beautiful for you?  It certainly was for Lady Lee :

The Changing Seasons, September

Alastair managed to find his way to my walks.  Please do visit and say hello :

My Walk this Week 127 – Autumn Morning

It’s never boring at Jesh’s place, no matter what she’s up to :

Vacation Busyness

Janaline has seen the world, and there’s nothing like the beauty of Ireland :

Why I walk to explore places like Rathmullen in Ireland

Raspberry heaven with Irene :

Take Your Pick

Someone who’s always living the good life- join Jackie for a slice or two :

Pizza toss 

You butter believe it

Let’s hear it for Cathy!  She’s completed the Camino- loud fanfare!- and still shared some beautiful walks with me.  This is just one of many:

Wupatki Pueblo

I’m back in the UK on 9th November.  I should just make it to a Girl’s Night and then it’ll be crazy while we finish packing and handing over our home.  Catch up with you when I can.  Take care till then!


  1. Instagram is quick and easy but there’s nothing like looking at your photos zoomed to actual size on my laptop. Shot 2 is perfection. Have a fabulous SundayJo 🙂


  2. You have been one busy lady, Jo. Birthdays, family, time in the Algarve! I’m just now back home and trying to organize myself and get into a routine. I have no idea if you’ll do a walk on Monday, but I’ll link to this anyway and if you don’t, then so be it! I’m sure you’ll be very busy getting ready for your move and the holidays, etc. I’m glad you’re having a wonderful time! 🙂


    1. Thanks darlin! On the bus from the airport into Leeds City Centre. Foggy drizzle! Nice Autumn colour. Good to be back? 😕 Have to wait for James to finish work to collect our car then home to a Girls Night. Hope to post on Monday but who knows! 😃😃 xx


      1. I’m sure you’re safely home by now, Jo. It’s great to be back although it always takes a while to fully settle in. I’ve actually been quite lazy since I returned and haven’t gone on even one walk. Today, I hope! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been following your adventures on facebook and Instagram Jo – such lovely photos! Looks like you had a lovely time with your visitors 🙂 I know what it’s like as it’s been really busy here too and Mlle’s visit took priority so am just getting back into blogging now. Seems like we are into the run up to Christmas already and then I have a whole host of visitors arriving at different times and some of them are “overlapping” so to speak. When you don’t see people for a while visits are always intense (in a nice way) but it isn’t the same as when people can pop in from down the road. In the meantime I’ll follow along on social media and wish you all the very best with everything! xx 🙂


  4. Oh Jo the story of getting locked in the backyard is hilarious. Well for me at least and perhaps not quite as funny for you. Good for you to take the time you need and set your priorities. Enjoy all of your visitors.


  5. Birthday blessings and just keep on doing the best you can with all you’re juggling. Even the cat! LOL! So lovely to hear from you and get a bit of an update. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Debbie 🙂 🙂 Trying to plan around the weather, which may not be the best next week, just when you need it for taking a 6 year old to the beach. But we’ll still have fun! Be in touch when I can.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. It’s lovely to hear from you Jo, it certainly sounds like you’re going through a very busy time right now. The photos are great as always – sorry but I had to laugh at you being locked in the garden with a hissing cat 🙂 I’ve done a couple of Monday walks just recently but purposely didn’t send you the links as you’d said you would be busy. I got some lovely autumn photos in a local park last week, posted as a walk yesterday – ‘An autumn walk in Central Park’ if you get time to take a look. Have a lovely time with your family and I’ll look forward to catching up with you again when you have time to post again 🙂


    1. We were both giggling about being locked out, Eunice, but I have to say I’ve been extremely cautious ever since. 🙂 🙂 My Internet connection is so slow that it’s a major effort trying to access WP and leave comments so I will try to visit but can’t promise anything. There certainly won’t be a proper Monday walk until some time next month. Thanks for your understanding.


  7. Life sounds just fantastic Jo, thanks for the quick update. What a busy time ahead for you, and do I understand the comment about a BIG birthday for you in the offing? Have a good one, cheers and best wishes…😍🍾🍸


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