Six word Saturday

Tickled Pink on the Yorkshire Moors

There’s no resisting it!  It’s time for September Squares with Becky.  I was amusing myself at Poet’s Cottage garden centre, in the North Yorkshire village Lealholm, last week.  Check the captions.  Do these fit the bill for In the Pink?

On a more serious subject, lifeboats do an amazing job, don’t they?  I live by the sea and am in awe of the courage and skill the crews exhibit.  Join Debbie with Six Words and watch the video.  And have a happy Saturday!


    1. It’s a pretty little village around a river, with stepping stones and sheep on the village green, Debbie. Idyllic England on a Summer’s day. Thank you- I know you’d love it 🙂 🙂


  1. Those clay heads are great Jo, were they just for show or are they available to purchase? The edible pink slice reminds me of a slice that my Aunty made when we were children, pastry base, jam and a coconut/meringue type topping…yum 🙂


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