Six word Saturday

A lovely surprise in my Inbox!

I just have to share the generosity of Brian Butler on his blog Travel Between the Pages.  Celebrating 3000 posts over 8 years, he launched a giveaway and I was the lucky recipient.  There’s something very beautiful about old books, and London is a favourite subject of mine.  A publisher and dealer in antique books, Brian often makes me smile.  Sharing the love this Saturday, with just a little more than Six Words.  Not so verbose as Debbie.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love old books, as well, Jo. This looks like a very nice little treasure. Reading the messages and comments (above) tells me you are due some refreshment this week, dear Jo. I do hope the “winds blow gently.”


  2. You lucky girl, much deserved of course. I love old books and it looks like it’s in really good condition. It’s perfect to take to the Algarve as well. Hope the viewing went well darling and have a great week x:-)x


    1. It’s a lovely book, Gilly. I haven’t had time to read it properly. A sunny day in the garden would be good but that doesn’t seem too likely at he moment. 🙂 🙂 It was a lovely young man, looking for his first home. He seemed to like it, and his Mum did too, but it depends on his finances. Not getting too hopeful just yet. Good day with the young uns?

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      1. My G-babies were only here Friday to Monday, it was back to work on Tuesday. but we had a lovely time. Lindy’s off to Spain on Wednesday and my sister and little boy are coming on Friday for the weekend from London. Are you going to Tavira in September for a while? 🙂


      2. End of September until after my birthday in November, Gilly, to see how things go with the house. All feels a bit up in the air right now and James’ situation has me worried.

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      3. I can imagine it’s a bit unsettling, now you’ve decided you just want to be there and sorted. Poor James too, but hang in there, things always work out for the best. Big hugs sweetheart ❤

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