Six word Saturday

Tasting the fruit of the vine

One of our loveliest days on our recent Algarve visit took us to Quinta do Francês, on a wine-tasting tour.  ‘Awful!’ I hear you exclaim.  As the visit was a present from our son and partner, we felt duty bound to attend, and to sample the produce.  It really was rather nice!

The winery is owned by French pathologist, Patrick Agostini, and the wines grown locally in the Odelouca River Valley.  Our guide Tania was knowledgeable and interesting.  We toured the machine room and the cellar, where barrels of new and aged oak are kept.  And then, the tasting!

I could just fancy a glass…  Six Words, of course!  Debbie has cash in pocket and another brilliant six words this week.  Don’t forget to join her.  But first I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who commented on What do you want from me? this week. The response was simply overwhelming.  I guess I’ll carry on, doing what I do.


  1. Jo – this kind of post really shows your journalistic artistic side – each picture shows a part of this tour – (awful? Ha)
    From the tiles to the open magazine –
    Ahhh – looks like a great gift


  2. Oh good! I’m glad to hear you’re not going to try to change at WP’s whim. Interesting little tidbit to add to your current topic. There is a D’Agostini winery in Plymouth, California. It’s been close to 50 years since I was there, but I think the wine was good. I wonder if there’s a connection?


    1. How strange, Gunta! I don’t know anything about the owner except that he’s French. It’s not the commonest name, and California is a superb place for vine growing so you never know. 🙂 🙂


  3. Ein toller Samstag! :))) Aber ist ja eh immer der beste Tag in der Woche 😉 Hab eine tolle nächste woche und samstag kommt dann ja auch schon wieder ganz bald 😉 LG aus’m urlaub ratschings! Lena


  4. Is there ever a time when wine tasting is not fun? 🙂 Over the years I have found it difficult to find and re-find favorites… Since we move all the time and have to shop in different stores, it gets tricky… Great gift!


  5. An unusual present from your son, it looks like you had a great day. I love the first photo, and I’m so glad you’re going to carry on – now if only Bloglovin could notify me WHEN you write a post and not 24 hours after…..:)


    1. It’s tricky between the different blog hosts. I keep meaning to have a look at your camping site but there never is time. The clock is ticking for tomorrow’s walk. 🙂 🙂


  6. This sounds like a fun way to spend the day Jo. What a thoughtful gift. I love seeing a jacaranda tree in your first photo. They are very common here and flower in late spring. They’re always a sign that Christmas isn’t too far away.


    1. The jacarandas were full out when we were there in June, Carol, and looking really lovely. I find it hard to get a good dense photo of them that shows off the colour. Many thanks for the walk- be right along 🙂 🙂

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      1. The colour is gorgeous isn’t it. I was so excited when we bought our first home when I realised there was a jacaranda in the back yard. It turned out to be a male and didn’t flower very well, much to my disappointment. I love seeing a whole street full of trees in bloom.


  7. Cheers Jo, I’m a bit behind but I’ve just caught up. Glad to hear you’ll keep doing what you’re doing cos you do it so well!! 🙂 that wine looks great, I’ll share a glass with you. 🍷


    1. What a wine tasting party we bloggers could have! There’d be some stories to tell 🙂 🙂 And it doesn’t matter when you get here, hon, so long as you do. Life is for living. And thank you!

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