Six word Saturday

The culmination of a lovely week!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks but I’m back, just in time to join in with the very last of Becky’s Square Roofs.  I thought I’d share a few roofs that she might be familiar with.  Above is the roof top bar at the Maria Nova Hotel in Tavira.     

The captions might be helpful, or maybe not.  Almost all are in Tavira.  The other I have observed fondly for years.

I had a wonderful time and then, to cap it all off, I met Andrew Petcher yesterday.  Right here in Hartlepool marina.  How very strange is life?  Debbie’s Six Words this week are very appropriate.  I hope you’ll join us all and have a great weekend.


  1. oh my look at all these wonderful roofs. Wish I was there at the moment. Thank you so much for joining in on the last day, and profuse apologies it has taken me another 21days to visit.


  2. I’m looking with longing at that beach, it stretches for miles! Bliss! Lovely atmopsheric photos – pavement cafes just seem so inviting and welcoming! How great that you and Andrew met up in Hartlepool! 😀


    1. We’ve chatted online for years Anabel. With the premature death of a mutual online friend we said we’d meet if we had the opportunity and we did! He was heading north and I had the privilege of being the first blogger he’s ever met xx

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  3. Jo – evening photos are so hard for some of us to take – and yours here are so well done – the glows and moods – and I did find the captions helpful -= the transport hub and roofless eatery – how curious


    1. Thanks a lot Yvette. Processing helps enormously but I love to try and capture the atmosphere of summer evenings. The roofless building is actually beside the restaurant but who knows what will happen now it’s been sold xx


  4. Ahh lovely Tavira, gorgeous photos. The roofless roof isn’t there is it? You’ve made the bus station look very attractive, you could sell them that photo! Is that a posh new hotel in town?


    1. The roofless one is at nearby Cabanas, Gilly, and a bit of a favourite. The hotel used to be the Porta Nova but was updated to the Maria Nova after it failed an inspection test and was closed down. It’s definitely on the up, if you’ll excuse the pun. 🙂 🙂


    1. It was wonderful having the festival for Sao Joao last weekend. The paper flowers were so pretty and the atmosphere lovely. Congrats on the new challenge, Patti. I’ll be over to yours when I’ve got tomorrow’s walk done. 🙂 🙂

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