Jo’s Monday walk : An adventure with Gilly

The raw energy of a city is compelling, even if a little intimidating.  Riding into Warsaw on the airport bus, my eyes were on stalks, collecting impressions on every side.  Such a bustling, modern city, the buildings twisting and turning to point to the blue sky overhead.  Anxiety was swept away by excitement.  I was here!  And I stepped from the bus into the warmth of Meg’s arms, those lovely eyes twinkling at me.  All angst was neatly deposited in Meg’s backpack- my tour guide for a day, found!

Turning from her momentarily, the beaming smile of Gilly reached me from across the square, as she descended the steps of the Palace of Culture and Science, arm in arm with her friend Lindy.  Gaggling like geese, we blindly followed Meg as she led us from the centre to a restaurant.  Puzzling over the menu, we laughed when the wicker basket of knifes and forks arrived, bearing chopsticks in an elegant green wrapper.  My efforts to eat my noodle laden broth produced more smiles, along with the slurps.  Two thirds of the way through our meal, a mighty crash of thunder and coin drops of rain pounded our table.  The wide, creamy umbrellas over the tables were scarcely adequate.  More merriment and we scrambled indoors.

In no time, the sun was blazing through the open windows again.  Meg was recovering from a heavy cold, and starting to wilt a little, having been tour guiding all day and shown the ladies lovely Stare Miasto in the morning.  Lindy was struggling too, which left me and Gilly to get up to mischief.  Arrangements were made for early next morning, and Meg deposited us at our hotel.  A swift cuppa, and it was time to hit the streets.  Already it was 6.30 on a warm Warsaw evening.  Fortunately, Gilly was not at all critical of my reckless tour guiding style.  Of course the bus would take us to the river!  And so it did, with just a little walking involved.

The road stretched ahead, seemingly endless, the traffic buzzing past, the architecture varied and interesting.  On the horizon we could see a stadium, which we knew to be on the other side of the river.  Praga was not advisable after dusk, I was informed, but reaching the river the greater challenge was to get down to the riverside.  With the agility of a monkey, Gilly swung around the barrier and scrambled along the bank, hand over hand along the railings.  I followed, more sedately, concerned for my pretty, navy city shoes.

Nobody seemed to notice, and I was immediately at home, with a young crowd blithely enjoying the throng of beach bars, deck chairs and food stalls.  Boats bobbed serenely, while overhead trams clanged past and bikes dominated the footpath.

Appetising smells beguiled my nose, but a drink seemed more pressingly urgent, in the sultry evening air.  Dusk was beginning to fall, the warmth felt heavy with insects and an awareness that we were far from home.  How to get back on the bridge presented something of a challenge, but I dared a few words of Polish and waved my arms at the bridge.  The two young men politely gestured to where the steps were hidden.  Gilly and I agreed that we would not have chanced it after dark.

What else?  Hop another bus to take us nearer to the centre, a little judicious food purchasing and a bit of naughty jay walking.  Subways can get tedious, can’t they?  But please don’t tell.  I’d hate to be in trouble with the authorities.  The bottle top on my cider didn’t look promising, but it did unscrew.  I had no spoon for the delicious yogurt though.  Collapsed in my room with just my diary for company, I really didn’t care.

I hope you enjoyed our adventure.  I really didn’t intend to post today, but realising that next Monday I will be on my way to the Algarve, and that I have a fine collection of your walks ready to share, I thought it best.  Meantime, I’ll be off to see my daughter in Nottingham on Thursday.  And yes, I did manage to get those tickets reprinted.  Thank you all for your concern.

Where will we find Lady Lee this week?

In the country

A treat or two in store, from lovely Sherri.  Anyone else get to the Bash?

Surprises, Diana’s Dresses and the Annual Blogger’s Bash 2018

A bargain ‘two for one’ from Anabel, and both just a short walk apart :

The Kelpies to the Falkirk Wheel

A glimpse of ‘that’ wedding and lots more food, from Jackie :

Beer Money

When Sue shows willing, you simply have to sit up and take notice :

A stroll around Chartwell

‘Join the fun!’ says Jesh.  You know you want to :

Rounding up May

Suzanne delights me with fossils, shells and a little Autumn gold :

A walk to Shelly Beach

The end of Autumn

Calvi and Honfleur- two of the most scenic of places, shared by Drake :

Backdrop but scene too

The sunny side

Remember my lovely rhododendrons?  Eunice has found me some more :

A quarry walk with a difference

And Carol turns up some interesting treasure of her own :

From Trash to Treasure

How do you think of New York?  Jane’s wonderful photos show us it’s calmer side :

Hudson River Ramble

And a wonderfully scenic hike with Cathy ends in tears, but don’t worry- she’s ok!

The Mt. Sanitas hike in Boulder, Colorado

Not too very sure when I’ll be posting again.  Life does seem a little hectic.  Meanwhile, enjoy the sunshine, thanks for your company, and I’ll visit you all as soon as I can.


  1. Sounds like my kind of day 🙂 How lovely that you got to catch up with Meg and Gilly even if for a brief while. And I’m glad you managed to re-print the coach tickets 🙂


  2. Jo, you’re a natural traveller! Whizzing around Warsaw like a pro and I’m so pleased you got to speak some Polish! How wonderful to have the chance to all meet up and I was smiling at your and Gilly’s adventures. Thank you so much for this introduction to Warsaw – you give a real feel of the city. Hope you’ve had a wonderful time at your daughter’s in Notthingham. I’m soon heading up there soon with my son to check out the University. Any tips? Have a great weekend, no doubt getting sorted before flying away again! Happy and safe travels! 😀 ✈️ 🍷


    1. I’m being taken to a cocktail bar called Alchemy later today but I don’t suppose that’s the kind of tip you’re looking for Annika? Expensive I hear. There’s lovely canalside strolling and some nice tearooms too. My daughter is a fan of the White Rabbit. Thanks darlin! Have a good weekend too xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cocktail bar sounds ideal … but will have to wait for another time! Have a great time there tonight! White Rabbit sounds great and I love the name! I’ll look out for that and the canal walks!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Great to hear you got the tickets printed for the coach again Jo! Sounds an intrepid adventure in Warsaw – lovely you could catch up with your friends. Interesting to see a different side of Warsaw than the guide books show – we’re planning on going there next year though not necessarily off the beaten track (being our first time there!). It looks like you had a lovely evening down by the river and am glad you got back safe and sound! Hope you have a lovely time in the Algarve 🙂


  4. When you come to Exeter you need scrambling shoes 🙂 🙂 🙂

    This is why I haven’t written about it, I could never have done it as well as you, thanks sweetheart! It was a great day that I’ll always remember, wish we’d had longer. I really needed to stretch my legs so thanks for letting me tag along, it was a more that ten miles day for me. The river side was fabulous, lovely atmosphere and I bet some of that food was good. Definitely a place to linger. We’ll have to send Meg and family next time she’s there .Have a lovely time with Lisa, are you staying a couple of day before heading south? Big hugs darling xxx


    1. I shall pack my scrambling shoes. Definitely! 🙂 🙂 Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for your lovely company. However short, it was a real treat. I was thinking today that we didn’t really do much talking, but we maybe didn’t need to. Hugs back at you! Yes, I’ve washed, cooked for Mick and rough packed for tomorrow. Leaving here about 10, back Sunday evening and on the road for Tavira at 9 next Monday morning. So funny- I woke up muttering Polish phrases on Sunday. Would have been more use in Poland. 🙂


      1. Well I’m really glad you’ve washed and that you’ve just said you’ll come to Exeter one day. Tavira’s a week this time isn’t it? Good timing when the weather here’s gone a bit dull. Have fun my lovely x:-)x


      2. 8 days 🙂 🙂 Trying to focus and schedule a walk cos I don’t know when I’ll get chance. Being distracted by Escape to the Continent- Poitiers-Charente. Why haven’t I seen anything of France?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I haven’t either, Paris a couple of times and week camping in Brittany when I was 40! I’d rather not drive abroad and I think you need to to get to the most interesting places. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You can tell Mick’s out! He usually has stuff on that’s not distracting (boring 🙂 ). I should be reading posts. Half an eye on Cathy 🙂


    1. I’m off to my daughter’s tomorrow, Janaline, and I don’t know what she has planned. The important thing is to spend time together. I get back Sunday evening and head to Algarve on Monday. That should be quite a relaxing break. 🙂 🙂


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