Six word Saturday

Shout it from the roof tops!

It’s June, and Becky’s back again with a brand new series of squares.  Knowing how much everyone enjoyed the last series, I can’t help but feel I’ll be missing out, but I’m off to Poland tomorrow.  Plac Zamkowy (Castle Square) in Warsaw will be my only contribution to Roof Squares for now, but I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on those roof tops.

No Monday walk next week, but I have a post scheduled for Thursday, when I hope to be on my way to Kraków with a fistful of happy memories.  Apologies if my responses are slow.  Till then, have a great weekend and don’t forget to share your Six Words with Debbie.


      1. Yes thanks. But still drawn back of course. Today I wallow in writing the twins. You back too, safe and triumphant? Hugs wending your way – they don’t take as long as my flight!


      2. Flight delayed 40 minutes. Mick baby sitting solo. Bedtime story told. I’m still hoping to catch the bus from the airport. Wish me luck! If you read my saga for Cathy you’ll know it was mostly unnecessary angst xxx


  1. On Monday evening there was a dancing flash mob right there beside Sigmund darling! I guess you’ll be on your way home tomorrow, what a week you’ve had, and thank you for making my trip so special, I’ll always remember you scrambling up that slope with me x:-)x


    1. Aye, possibly a good thing Meg and Lindy stayed home. No witnesses! A long and eventful week, darlin. I finally got my ride on the river this afternoon. Hugs and a happy weekend xx


  2. really nice image – rooftops – but also windows – and then the little people – there are different levels here – such a great shot, Jo


    1. Warsaw was fascinating and I was lucky enough to spend time with lovely Meg and Gilly. I’ve just had 3 days with the family in Dad’s old village and am heading for Krakow and the bakery family today. More cake! Thanks, hon xx

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