Six word Saturday

A grey day on the Quay

On Tuesday our luck ran out on the north east coast, and grey replaced the blue.  Was I down-hearted?  Not at all!  The Blacksmith’s Needle in forged steel still looked great, but when it started to rain I hot-footed it over the Millennium Bridge to Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art.

“Missing Time” by Serena Korda is inspired by the healing potential of sound and the Dark Skies of the Northumberland landscape.  You are invited to sit on a chair and listen to ‘the sound of the stars’.

Idea of North explores the sense of community, place and collective belonging, connecting historical moments with individual stories.  Partly inspired by Peter Davidson’s book, “The Idea of North”(2005), it poses some interesting questions.  Debbie’s a little slow with her Six Words this week but I’m sure she’ll be along later.  Meantime, enjoy her great photography and have a happy weekend!


  1. You make the most of your grey days, Jo. I love the seahorse and mermaid sculptures and that Millennium Bridge. You certainly stayed dry and found a lot of colorful art in the Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art. It’s wonderful to make good use of a dreary day.

    Did you find your tickets yet?


    1. Hiya darlin! Not much time to be online today. Cooking etc for Mick for my absence. You know he doesn’t! Keeping an eye on French Open too.Exciting stuff! No tickets. Awaiting an email from the coach company. I guess I’ll get to pack soon. Hugs Cathy xx


      1. Oh my gosh, you have to cook for Mick while you’re gone? Oh dear, that’s a lot of pressure! You can’t put off packing forever, Jo. Good luck working out the ticket situation. Hugs right back to you!! Exciting month ahead for you. 🙂


      2. Not sure! She’s quite a special neice. She once worked in Nottingham and has met Lisa. Mick is out working. I’ll wait for his reaction then check flights xx

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  2. The drama of the gray day is still beautiful, Jo, and you captured it well. But I always enjoy any excuse to find time in a museum of contemporary art. I love the exhibit you’ve highlighted. Now I’m intrigued with “The Idea of the North.” 🙂


    1. You know, ‘the North’ has a feistiness and a personality all of its own, Debbie. There’s always been a bit of a north/south divide and it’s every bit as present today as it ever was. Sometimes southerners can really get your back up if you’re a northerner, and often it’s quite unintentional. They don’t even realise they’re being offensive, but there’s an assumption that everyone north of the Home Counties is deprived. We may sometimes have been starved of resources while the riches stay south but that doesn’t in any way make us backward. Oops- time to get off the soapbox. Signed- Proud to be a Northerner 🙂 🙂


  3. Your pictures are so exceptional, Jo and they left me speechless. I’ve read The Idea of North and I simply loved it. I guess I’ll have to witness this on my own soon!


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