Six word Saturday

Still in an English country garden

The warm spell has left us for a little while, but I have the loveliest memories of my visit to Thorp Perrow Arboretum.  I had too many photos to share in just one post, so I thought I’d treat my Saturday readers to some sunshine too.

The lake meanders off into a stream here, skirting a couple of islets as it goes, and creating wonderful reflections.

What do you think?  I make no apologies for a second post.  It was glorious!  There’s some great food on offer at Debbie’s place this weekend.  Pop over with your Six Words, and have a happy time!


  1. Those budding trees and their reflections are a sight to see! What pale and delicate spring colors, all under a blue sky – I might even be willing to give up a little warmth for that kind of view!


    1. He was shocked at how silvery haired he appears in this shot (distinguished- ha! 🙂 ) and, as always, I didn’t know it would be the lead photo in the Reader. I wish we had control of that! Good day yesterday?

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      1. Yes I had a nice time with little Joey, blue sky to walk the dogs, a little weeding and baked a tray of lemon and blueberry squares!
        I don’t have a header photo anymore, don’t remember it it’s because I didn’t or couldn’t set it up. Have a nice Sunday darling, still cool up there? x:-)x


    1. This weekend couldn’t be more different, though we did manage the bluebell woods at Durham yesterday. The arboretum was spectacular. 🙂 🙂 Back down to earth yet, Becky? I watched Winchester Cathedral last night. That was pretty spectacular too.


      1. I know, where has Spring gone? Still Blackbirds loving the change.

        Still working silly hours but I can now see light at the end of the tunnel 😁

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