Six word Saturday

Random images remind me of ‘home’

In the midst of packing, and abysmal English weather, I pause to look back at what I have to look forward to.  One of these images might get me into trouble when I return.  My very last day, when the dry river beds weren’t, but the company was good.

I hope Spring has sprung for you.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  Let’s get straight to the point with Debbie and her Six Words.


  1. Well I can see why you want to move there with those blue skies. Sigh… I shall definitely have to come for a visit once you move. Christmas at yours this year? 😀 😀


  2. I guess I’ve missed something here. Are you moving to Portugal permanently? Either way, I know it’s the home of your heart and I’m happy when you’re there enjoying it. We plunged from our spring weather back into cold, rainy, and windy. It looks as if it will be like that tomorrow as well before getting back to what real spring is like around here: mid-fifties F temperatures and, hopefully, sunshine.

    Happy Saturday, no matter the weather.



      1. I imagine that’s a lot of stress, Jo. I remember when our house was on the market, the getting ready to move, the move, and then trying to find places for everything, etc. These are times filled with many and mixed emotions, but I know you’ll weather them well and come out happy on the other side (literally and figuratively.) 🙂


  3. Two nights ago we had thunder & torrential rain in the Algarve. Apparently a mini tornado in Albufeira caused damage to several cars. Yesterday was cool and very windy but today we have bright warm sunshine at last!


  4. Great photos as always. I love the one to the left of the two boats and the big one underneath, that’s just beautiful. I can see why you want to go and live there – I would too if I could 🙂


    1. Cacela Velha is one of my favourite spots, Eunice, but it is becoming increasingly popular. Maybe too busy in summer. Thanks, darlin. Hope you have good weekend weather. 🙂 🙂


      1. Well, yes, I’m metaphorically skipping out soon, to try and get another image of shadows, now the sun has deigned to appear! Happy Saturday, Jo!


  5. Love that wading shot . . . . .think everyone will be wading for a few days yet as the rain was incredibly heavy over the past few days. Spring is late everywhere.


  6. Jo, first of all, what were you all doing in the river?!😀 Looks fun though! Oh, these are beautiful and no wonder you long to return ‘home’ – a place which does not have to be singular! The first photo is idyllic, tantilising as we glimpse betweenghe bushes to the beach and ocean. After three weeks of non-stop sunshine in Sweden it was a shock to return to grey and rain here … which has been pretty constant I heard! Fingers crossed Spring sets its mark this weekend! Hugs xxx ❤️


    1. For months before that the river beds had been bone dry, Annika, but the first rains were substantial and the only way across was to wade. A bit of a shock to the system 🙂 🙂 We actually have sunshine today but it’s been a cold miserable week. Welcome back and thank you for bringing Spring with you 🙂

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      1. My secret powers!! 😀😀 I’ve heard about the dreadful weather in the U.K. and felt sorry for everyone, sunshine makes all the difference! Enjoy the weekend and the chance to bask in the warm sun! Hugs xx

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