Forte de São Luís de Almádena

Forte de São Luís de Almádena sits on a rocky promontory, midway between the villages of Burgau and Saleema, in the western Algarve.  The fort was built in 1632, by order of King João III, in order to protect the local tuna fishing community from raids by corsairs and pirates.  It was finally abandoned in 1849, after sustaining considerable damage in the earthquake of 1755.  The ruins include 2 ramparts, a moat, gates and a barracks.

I considered myself very fortunate to discover these ruins.  We’d been strolling on the golden beach at Burgau, and as we left the village a sign pointed along the coast towards them.  A slight change of plan and 5 minutes later we were there.  In golden silence we surveyed the coast in all directions.  As I shielded my eyes from the glare of the sun, I was sure I spotted the masts of a pirate ship.

You’ll realise, of course, that it’s a Thursday and we’re all waiting for Paula to come back and be Special, as she always is.


    1. I love the Algarve coastline, Pauline. It’s so varied! Given the opportunity I would follow every single cart track, but a certain person frowns somewhat on that kind of behaviour. 🙂 🙂 He indulged me because it was my birthday.

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  1. Whaf a treat to find these ruins and so glad you followed the sign! The views are stunning and you can see why they built it there – perfect positioning! Ahh…yes…methinks I spy a ship or two in that glare as well! 😀😀 Happy exploring, Jo. Xx


  2. Amazing setting Jo – looks the perfect spot for a fortress! A pity it was destroyed in an earthquake – must have been a very powerful one! I could gaze out at the sea for hours at those beautiful views 🙂


    1. The earthquake in 1755 devastated much of the Algarve, Rosemay. It must have been a whopper! There’s something about a seascape, isn’t there? 🙂 🙂 Sunday hugs, though I know your day is almost over, as mine begins.

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  3. Admittedly, I had to go back through your post a second time to read it because I was so distracted by all the ‘eye-candy’ 😍📸 in your post the first time through. Lots of oohs and ahs here at my kitchen table this morning


  4. I’d love to sit on top of those cliffs, maybe in the shade of a crumbling wall, and stare out over the watery horizon. Beautiful photos, Jo, and a lovely place for contemplating and enjoying the area in peace.


  5. Fantastic sweeping bays under the blue sky, and I always love shots peeping through walls etc. So you didn’t know this place was here? What a lucky find!
    I hope you’ve adjusted back to the chilly north babe, it’s even cold down here today and I haven’t been outside at all. Happy weekend x:-)x


    1. I imagine you are crafting away at this time of year, Gilly? The pavements were sparkling away with frost this morning as I swift walked to zumba, but I’ve been cosied up this afternoon. Nope- we were heading along the coast when I saw the sign and we just had to look. 🙂 🙂


  6. What a fascinating history to accompany such an ancient fortress! I absolutely love it when I “accidentally” discover a place or historical site, or maybe just a surprise in natural beauty, but someplace I didn’t know until I rounded a particular corner or walked just a little bit further than I anticipated. I could feel your delight in coming upon this fascinating place. I think I spied the pirates, too!


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