Jo’s Monday walk : Martinhal to Baleeira

Embracing the sea again this week, I’m in the far west of the Algarve, just before you reach the mighty cliffs of Sagres.  This somewhat lunar landscape is not at all what I’m accustomed to. (Is it just me or does the rock below bear a passing resemblance to a Storm Trooper?)

Yes, I thought so!  His smile’s a bit crooked and evil.  It’s a beautiful bay, reached from a turn off on the N125, signposted Praia do Martinhal.  A smart looking resort overlooks the beach, but nestled below is an agreeably casual restaurant.  Portuguese families have brought the children to Sunday lunch, and are chattering away like magpies.  

A small girl sits on the sand while Dad tussles with a kite, strongwilled in the offshore breeze.  Two fit-looking youngsters carry paddleboards down to the water’s edge, launch them smoothly and paddle away.  Out in the bay windsurfers zip to and fro, with varying degrees of accomplishment.  I simply watch.  The only activity I’m any good at is walking.

The other half has found a comfortable spot, sheltered from the wind, and I’m off round the headland to see what I can find.  A generous sweep of beach ends in more rocks, with a tempting path mounting to the cliff top.

I’m picking my way fairly carefully when I hear music and laughter.  A cautious peep over the cliff edge reveals a group of young folk setting up a barbecue on a slab of rock.  Someone has been very busy with a brush and a pot or two of paint.

Across the bay the towering cliffs of Sagres loom closer, and below them the fishing port of Baleeira.  There’s a small strip of beach at Baleeira which is also walkable from Sagres town.  A stiff breeze keeps the windsurfers scudding swiftly.  I look back to check how far I’ve come.  Not too far but it’s time to return and collect the husband.

Now, where did I leave him?

It’s not a long walk but, if you like to feel the breeze in your hair and you’re not afraid of heights, you might enjoy it.  This was a small part of my birthday celebrations and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I should be back to ‘normal’ next week.  I apologise if my visits to you are spasmodic.  I’m struggling with a poor Internet connection and I intend to enjoy the last few days of my Algarve time with my daughter.  Time together is very precious.  Meantime I have some great walks to share, so thank you everybody.

Tish seems to have found her very own path to paradise :

On the Path to Harakopio ~ Peroulia Dreaming 13

As strange titles go, I give full credit to Ellen for this one :

Going for a Crazy Cabbagetown Walk in Atlanta, Georgia- Pt 1

And Cathy’s is a bit of a tongue teaser too :

Budapest : The Great Synagogue & a stroll down Vaci Utca in Belvaros

Mari’s walk is a little more sombre, but no less beautiful :

A Walk on the Ramparts of Ypres

And Woolly commemorates the Australian deceased from World War II :


Roll up!  Roll up!  Step right this way to see Violet’s pink elephant :

A circus treat

I share some wonderful memories of Lucca with Jesh (and Gilly!)

TIME- Where did it go?

You can usually rely on Jackie for a…


I don’t have any grandkids to play with like Sandra, but I did borrow one recently :


Indra is sharing spectacular scenery in this week’s walk :

Bay of Fundy…. Magic on the Rocks

Kathrin loves to hike in the mountains.  This one sounds like a song!

Hike up Mount Umunhum

My lovely friend, Pauline, has been rambling in the Australian outback.  You’ll love her findings!

Kings Canyon, time to sketch…

And here’s some artwork from Susan that I know she’ll love too :

Hunting a City-wide Art Installation : Ai Weiwei’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

Have a great week everyone, and I’ll be back in England next weekend.  Once again, apologies if I miss anyone.





  1. Sagres is amazing. Will you go back? I strongly recommend SUP Sagres (ask for Jean-Louis), if you want to do stand up paddle or go for a sunset trip to super cute, stunning beaches around the place. (He’ll take you there with his jeep.)
    I also would recommend Mum’s. A restaurant with a vintage touch, the friendliest staff and delicious, healthy food. And great wine. And other drinks.
    Ah sorry for this but I just fell in love with Sagres. 🙏🏽☺️ hope you have a good day!


  2. What absolutely glorious colours, especially that first one with its golden orange and blue blue blue and multicoloured rocks. I imagine England can’t compete. You can “only” walk? Sir George Trevelyan said “I have two doctors: my left leg and my right.” Warm hugs to greet you back home.


    1. I’m definitely going to miss the colours, Meg. It’s been a spectacular trip in many respects and I can’t wait to come back here. The grass will certainly be greener though 🙂 🙂 Thanks, darlin!


      1. We’re enjoying green grass and a flourishing of roadside grasses and the river’s up! Most welcome and most unseasonal. I hope it’s not too traumatic settling back in. I’ve hidden a few hugs in unexpected places around town.


  3. Beautiful photographs Joe. So nice to see the sunshine now that I’m back in the UK after 5 weeks in Fuerteventura. Today is typically grey for November. I long for the misty frosty mornings that I remember from my childhood. It made winter bearable but these days are few and far between now. Thanks for bringing some sunshine into my day. 🙂


  4. Jo your narrative really had me feeling as though I was right there with you. Beautifully described and I would love this exploring walk. Enjoy your time with your daughter. Precious moments indeed!


  5. Jo, Brian and I loved the Western Algarve when we visited last year. Your post has brought some nice memories. I can’t believe how blue is that sky? Sounds like you are having a great time? Happy..belated Birthday😄


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