Six word Saturday

Do you have a cartoon hero?

I was passing our local art gallery the other day and chanced to look inside.  An exhibition of cartoon illustrations lured me in and took me all the way back to my childhood.  There’s something so captivating about cartoons, whatever your age.

Rupert was my absolute favourite as a child and the highlight of my Christmas was a Rupert annual.  I was so pleased to find this video to share.

Wishing you a happy Saturday.  Don’t forget to share six words with Debbie.


  1. When I was a child in elementary school, at home on Saturday mornings, my older sisters and younger brothers would watch the animated cartoon called Superfriends, a united team of superheroes who all had various different powers. My favorite of the group was always Wonder Woman, and I was also a fan of the live action show of Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter. My family life was not a happy one, so seeing an example of a powerful strong woman who could kick the bad guys’ butts, and had a good sense of right and wrong paired with the desire to make the world a better place, was very appealing to me.

    1. Lynda Carter was great fun in the role. I was a regular too 🙂 🙂 We all need our bit of escapism, now as much as then. Thank you so much for sharing the bad times as well as the good.

      1. My rabbit’s name is Pookie! There are a whole series of books about him, but I only had the one, called simply Pookie. It makes me smile to think of how much joy that book brought me when I was little.

  2. This cartoon exhibition is a wonderful surprise to come across, Jo. I like the vintage drawings, and I always like cartoons of old for their embrace of wild creatures. I watched the first part of the video and found it charming. Thanks for taking us to this magical world today.

    1. The video is a bit long, Jet, but I loved it. The others I found weren’t so appealing. Hope you won’t be singing the frog song all day 🙂 🙂 I’m always bowled over by illustrators because I have no artistic skills whatsoever.

  3. I liked Rupert too. How terribly well spoken he is! One of my friends at school was nicknamed Rupert, or Rupe. He was a bit teddy-bear like in shape and colouring, but most relevant of all he wore checked bags! Well, it was the 70s.

  4. None of these look familiar to me. In Belgium, you grow up with cartoons in book format. Kind of comic strips. They are popular for all ages and one of the most internationally famous ones is Tintin. We have and had many more, and as kids we all had favorites. But, they are written in Dutch and wouldn’t mean anything to people outside of Belgium.

      1. They do have a lot of cartoons here in the US, but they are of a different kind and not as big of a part in everybody’s lives as in Belgium.

  5. Yahoo for Rupert! I love Rupert. When my children were young we looked forward to watching Rupert every year to see what NEW adventure he was going on. Loved his scarf, his loving parents and funny friends and the professor. Thanks for a fun memory! And the video. Rupert was/is a delightful show.

  6. Such memories brought back by all these kiddy images Jo
    Funnily yenough, I was never a big Rupert fan (I think it was his fashion sense that I didn’t like)
    But I did like Andy Pandy when I was small and then grew into the Moomins. Who I still love!

  7. I’m not sure I ever had a favorite, but I do recall, at some point, thinking about how clever it was of the Road Runner to turn Wiley Coyote’s offensive weaponry back on himself. A strategy I’ve employed many time in real life.

  8. Not a great deal,of cartoon in my childhood, although I do remember Rupert from someone’s childhood: mine or the kids? I’ll have to add sk the men when they return from a surf assessment in the dark. “Puffin Rock” was an absolute favourite with both me and the twins. (They’re back, and it was H’s childhood but not S’s.)

  9. Ahh…these are so sweet and I want learn more about the Storm Whale! 😀😀 My favourite cartoon was when I was little in Sweden about the world’s strongest bear called Bamse who tried to help his friends…with varying success! Every week I couldn’t wait for the magazine and luckily I got a chance to enjoy them alll again when my son was young and I managed to transfer my love for Bamse to him! Here is a link about it. Hope you’re having a good start to the weekend, Jo! 😀❤️

  10. oh these have made me smile . . . I love cartoons. Have wonderful memories of watching Tom & Jerry with my Granddad! Maybe that’s what Mick could do today – watch cartoons in bed, or have you got a couple of Rupert annuals somewhere?!!

    1. Do you know I might have? 🙂 🙂 At some point we’ll have to tackle the loft and heaven knows what we’ll find! Funnily enough Mick was a huge Tom and Jerry fan.

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