Six word Saturday

Her Mum can’t paint for toffee!

Following my Thursday’s Special post I had many requests for more of Lisa’s artwork.  I cannot do justice to her lovely home but this is a small sample of it’s beauty.  Alternative six words- Is it any wonder I’m proud?  Take your pick!

I won’t be here next Saturday.  Poor me, I’ll be languishing in the Algarve heat.  Take good care of yourselves, and don’t forget to keep the six words going.  Debbie’s relying on you.


  1. I hope that you don’t have it too hot … and that you really delight yourself. How talent your daughter is – beautiful. As Anabel said … my jaw dropped.


  2. Absolutely beautiful artwork, I love the red bird. 🙂

    My ex-partner was very good at things like that, he painted the whole of one of his bathroom walls with a ‘dolphins under the sea’ theme, all done in Crown high gloss paint. Me? I can’t even draw never mind paint 😦


    1. I know the feeling, Eunice. Before I married my husband, if I did any home decorating he would scoff at my handiwork. Not very encouraging, so I’m happy to let Lisa shine. 🙂 🙂


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