A sequence for Sue

I don’t generally do requests, but when a lovely lady asks it would be churlish to refuse.  Our capricious English weather has produced wonderful gardens this year, as you might have seen in my Open Gardens walk this week.  There’s currently a bee fest going on in my own garden, where the foxgloves are rampant.  An oriental poppy, planted last year, has just decided to swirl its skirts and join the party.

A fan of faded glory and all things derelict, when I mentioned it Sue surprised me by saying ‘I love pink oriental poppies.  Take a photo for me!’  So here we are.  I’m easing off the brake pedal a bit this week.  There won’t be a Six Word Saturday from me as I’ll be in Nottingham, enjoying my daughter’s company.  Before I go I’ll schedule a walk for next Monday, and catch up with you as soon as I can.  Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Such exquisite blooms, Jo. You really did a great job with your lens. Enjoy Nottingham and being with your daughter. I’m seeing mine in Johannesburg on Thursday, then to England on Monday. Hope the summer weather holds up until we get there. xx


  2. I’ve enjoyed that beauty on some of your social media, Twitter? It’s gorgeous! Enjoy your hot weather. My husband and I are in Las Vegas today and it may get over 110. It was 117 on Thursday when we arrived. Good time to blog and enjoy the products of YOUR heat! 🙂


  3. So excited to find your blog (from Le Drake Noir). I’m coming to visit England in September and look forward to getting some travel ideas from your pretty posts.

    And those poppies are gorgeous, by the way. I always want to include them in my garden but then forget (always) that you have to plant them two seasons ahead. One day. Hopefully!


      1. Nice to meet you too! We are spending a few days in London and then deciding where to go from there for the next week. We have thoughts on Scotland and Ireland but maybe just the English countryside. So many pretty places – still daydreaming;)

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