Six word Saturday

Light fades on another lovely memory.

It’s more than 6 weeks since I got back from Tavira, in my lovely Algarve.  Time to round up a few of those photos I never got around to sharing, and move on.   A new roof top bar provides a great overview of this beautiful place.

Up on the castle walls

Until next time…

Don’t forget to share your six words on Debbie’s little bit of fun, and have a great weekend.  I’ll be back on Monday with a very English walk.


  1. Your first shots are always perfect and perfectly chosen. I love leaf shadows on buildings, old doors and the palette of the Algarve. Hugs from Potato Point on a breezy blue morning.

      1. I managed the rare feat of offending H last night, but at least I was with it enough to realise! He was more familiar with the street art of Melbourne than I and actually managed to see an artist at work, awed by the skill with a spray can. I’d better make a list of greetings to J so I don’t forget any. Skype the twins tonight – two weeks without is too many.

    1. I’m very attached to my little corner of the Algarve, Janet. 🙂 We’ve traveled a fair bit in Portugal and hope to see more. Thanks a lot for stopping by!

  2. Sigh what a lovely spot Jo and would be tough to ever leave I would think. Thanks for the caption explaining the river. Does it settle out quite quickly? Of course I always love looking at the sea but those poppies with the bokeh effect steal the show for me. Have a lovely day.

    1. In all the years we’ve been visiting I’d never seen it that colour before, Sue, though the local soil is unarguably dark orange. And yes, it was back to normal within a few days because it’s tidal. 🙂 Thanks, darlin!

      1. Fascinating and great that it clears up so quickly. Being landlocked I know little about tidal flow but that makes sense. If you had never seen it before it must have been quite the storm.

    1. The torrential rain just hit, Sue! I knew it would happen when I saw that they had a music festival in our marina today. What’s a little sunshine and showers? Are you out and about this weekend or playing safe and staying home? 🙂 🙂

  3. These are such lovely photos Jo! I love all the color. How often do you go to Portugal? It is on the growing list. I know I’d love it there and would know where to walk. 😌

  4. Jo, it must be hard to leave Tavira, it’s serenely beautiful! I can imagine sitting on that rooftop bar for many hours, just looking out acrosss the town and that soft pink dusting of a sunset. 😀😀 Wishing you a lovely Saturday, So warm I almost feel I’m in the Mediterranean but just can’t see the ocean! Hugs 😀❤️

    1. We always say ‘Bye little house- be good!’ as we drive away, usually with a lump in my throat, Annika. 🙂
      There’s a definite change in the air here today. It’s clouded up, getting ready for one of those promised showers. Not sure if we’re heading for Leeds or waiting for James to come home. Have a lovely Bank Holiday! 🙂

  5. Beautiful Tavira It looks so serene and perfect for a relaxing weekend stroll. Lovely balcony view too, and the ocean peeking at you from a distance. Must have been a trip to remember 🙂

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