Six word Saturday

A tale of two birthday cakes!

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In case you wondered just where I was flying off to last week, I can now reveal all.  It was to a surprise birthday party.  My friend of many years, Joan, had no idea that a party was planned, and even less that I would be there.  I almost didn’t make it because I forgot to take her daughter’s phone number with me.  I couldn’t phone Joan, and spoil the surprise, and I had no idea how to find the house.  Thoughts of wandering around the outskirts of Bristol, asking ‘does anyone know Belinda…?’  Fortunately resourcefulness won and I ended up in Bristol’s very beautiful Central Library, accessing the Internet.  For once, technology was my friend.

After all that, some celebrating was called for, and celebrate we did.  A party last Saturday evening, and a family affair on Monday, which was Joan’s actual birthday.  Two cakes!  I think you’ll agree, it was a Momentous occasion?  And one I simply had to share with you, in just a few more than Six Words.  Thank you Paula, and Debbie, for being such lovely hostesses and providing the stage, and thanks also to Joan and her family, for being the stars of the show. Happy Saturday, everyone!



  1. If you did wander around asking others if they knew, it would make for an interesting episode, lol. The one who would might be helpful in such a pursuit would be the postman. One my dad’s friends from the 1950s did that when he and his family were passing through the state. They asked him and said he lives over there. Fortunately, they asked the right one. Imagine if they asked a different one. 🙂


  2. Bloody hell Joan looks amazing for 80!! Well done! Maybe she could bottle whatever it is that makes her looks amazing for her age!


  3. Good grief!! Joan is 80?? Are you sure?? She looks way, way younger than that, certainly no more than 60 if that. It looks and sounds like it was a brilliant weekend, and the cake with the candles on looks beautiful and scrumptious 🙂


  4. Joan looks like she just turned 60. Wow! So great that you made her birthday party and had a great time. Thanks to your resourcefulness. 🙂


  5. I hope I look half as good as Joan on her 80th birthday! Are you sure she’s not lying about her age? And two cakes! Couldn’t ask for more other than a slice, but I’m guessing they are all gone by now 😦 Hope you are having a good weekend. Very wet and misty here today, but mustn’t grumble as it is the first in over a month! Oh, and the cattle are practising for the choir again so a sleepless night last night and I think I should hunt out the earplugs for tonight listening to them right now.


    1. I did have my suspicions, Jude, but I’ve always been 12 years behind her since we met, and if I do the maths… Must be all that cake eating, do you think? Or maybe it’s the Pernod and blackcurrant she always drinks (gross! 🙂 ) The mists have enshrouded us here too this morning after a crisply cold week. I shall cosy up and write my tomorrow’s walk. It’s just me and himself today. Happy Sunday! 🙂 🙂


  6. How wonderful that you made it to celebrate your friend’s birthday, Jo. I know that frustration, wandering around lost while something important is happening at the place you’re trying to find. I’ve been there! Good job, making technology your friend in the library! 🙂


      1. Somehow you manage to master technology more than you give yourself credit for, Jo! I’m glad it helped you out in this instance.

        All is going well here; I’ve been on holiday for the last 4 days for Golden Week; today is my last day, and then no more holidays (except weekends) until I finish my contract August 1. 😦 I sure am enjoying this time off, and luckily the weather has been superb. 🙂


      2. I have a lot to catch up on with you, so no worry. I have so little time here that when I do have time, I either need to get out and about, or do my pics or write my blog. Don’t want to forget anything! I hope to catch up with you slowly but surely. Time here is flying. 🙂 Sweet dreams and hugs right back to you.

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  7. I’m sitting here stunned – Joan certainly doesn’t look 80 years old. WOW – what a gorgeous woman! Did you ask her about the secret of youth? 😀 Those cakes are gorgeous and I’m so glad you had a lovely time, Jo xxx


  8. What a wonderful birthday surprise for your friend! 😀Joan looks great and what a fantastic party weekend for her and you all. The cakes look delicious – with a hopeless love of bags that cake wins it for me! 😀 Busy times all round for you, Jo!


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