Six word Saturday

Saying goodbye to Six Word Saturday

And where better to finish with a flourish than Florence?  I hope I’ve taken you on a beautiful journey, but my philosophy here has always been to please myself.  And doing just that has given me many hours of pleasure.

Cate has announced that she will be ending Six Word Saturday on 1st April, April Fool’s Day. I’m pretty sure that it’s not a trick, because my lovely friend Debbie at Travel with Intent has volunteered to take it over on April 8th.  Since I won’t be around then, I thought I’d say my farewells now. Come and celebrate with me?  There’s gelato!

There doesn’t seem to be anything that Florence can’t offer.  All the sculpture and art you could want.  Architecture that dreams are made of. Gardens and vistas to sooth your soul.  Food and wine to indulge your palate.  Have I missed anything?  Well, maybe a little desultory window shopping. I even found a cookery school in the Mercato Centrale!  Click on the gallery for a closer look?

And as I ambled back to my hotel on Via Nazionale, this little beauty!

Sad to see her go, but I wish Cate the very best of luck.  I know it’s not easy running a challenge, but if anyone can then it’s Debbie.  The lass has energy to burn.  As for me, I’m off to my lovely Algarve tomorrow. Time to relax and wind down a little.

Meanwhile I’ve scheduled a Jo’s Monday walk for next Monday. Have a great weekend and I hope to see you then.


    1. For February we did very well Cathy. Walking today a lady said she didn’t enjoy Florence because it rained all the time but she loved Rome. Haven’t made it to Rome yet. 🙂 xx


      1. You’re right, you did very well weather-wise for February, Jo. No place is nice in February unless you’re south of the equator! I haven’t made it to anywhere in Italy yet. I have it on my list for fall of 2019. Keeping my fingers crossed. xx


      2. Nothing like forward planning, Cathy! I can barely see past next week 🙂 🙂 We’re off to Lisbon on Wednesday, to give James and Lauren a bit of breathing space.


  1. Jo, you certainly have shared the most amazing photos of Florence with us. While it might have been cold on your trip, you didn’t have to fight the crowds making for a wonderful trip and great photographs that aren’t filled with strangers. 🙂


  2. A wonderful finale to your 6WS, Jo! A pictorial celebration of Florence and wow, the last photograph is stunning and I love how it was just on your way back to the hotel! Only in amazing Florence. 😀


    1. I’ll have to hunt some down here in the Algarve, Dianne 🙂 🙂 (just arrived to a might thunderstorm and I’m still smiling) I will probably still carry on the six words with Debbie. I only discovered yesterday that she was keeping it going.

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  3. Love reading your post and seeing your photos, Jo. I, too, feel like to visit the place… I’ll carry your writings/photos with me.
    >> … but my philosophy here has always been to please myself.
    Ha ha ha.. all this time, I thought you did for me 😉 Seriously, I love you more after knowing this…
    Have a wonderful day.


  4. A shame the fountain challenge has ended, that is one weird and crazy fountain! Have a great time in the Algarve and take some time to actually relax with that hubby of yours. I’m off to lose myself in the bedrooms for a few days of painting, though I might just sneak in a visit to a nursery as there are a couple of plants I want to buy… see you later alligator 😀


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