1. After a beautiful Spring like walk on the beach on Saturday followed by a delicious lunch I think I almost match the resting Buddha for serenity, 😀 Lovely photos and I must show my hubby, he has his own buddha collection!

      1. Well the ones we have are not expensive at all – small buddhas on a shelf! Yep, I’m on for a beach walk, it is such a wonderful refreshing feeling and I just don’t want to leave!

  2. I love the Buddha’s, except the baby/old man faced one. I guessed it was a garden centre, it would be nice to have one at home though. I hope you’re finding a little more serenity by now hun, you deserve it. Big G (((hugs))) and positive energy sending your way x:-)x

    1. The tags round the necks are a bit of a giveaway, Gilly. I tried to tuck them out of sight but it wasn’t easy. 🙂 We have Chinese lions but no Buddha and I was playing eeny meeny for a while. Till Mick came and looked at the price! Yesterday was a great day and it’s no good being glum about the situation. We’ll survive! James brought his new lady home yesterday and she’s lovely. 🙂 Happy Sunday, hon!

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