1. After a beautiful Spring like walk on the beach on Saturday followed by a delicious lunch I think I almost match the resting Buddha for serenity, 😀 Lovely photos and I must show my hubby, he has his own buddha collection!

      1. Well the ones we have are not expensive at all – small buddhas on a shelf! Yep, I’m on for a beach walk, it is such a wonderful refreshing feeling and I just don’t want to leave!

  2. I love the Buddha’s, except the baby/old man faced one. I guessed it was a garden centre, it would be nice to have one at home though. I hope you’re finding a little more serenity by now hun, you deserve it. Big G (((hugs))) and positive energy sending your way x:-)x

    1. The tags round the necks are a bit of a giveaway, Gilly. I tried to tuck them out of sight but it wasn’t easy. 🙂 We have Chinese lions but no Buddha and I was playing eeny meeny for a while. Till Mick came and looked at the price! Yesterday was a great day and it’s no good being glum about the situation. We’ll survive! James brought his new lady home yesterday and she’s lovely. 🙂 Happy Sunday, hon!

  3. I am now! Not so much in the middle of the week, but good news was a relief. Now busy sorting through the seeds to see which ones need sowing now so I can get ahead this year. A lovely day so we are off for a ramble 🙂 Have a lovely afternoon with the GF – Donny lasses are not ALL bad!

    1. A scare of some kind? Put it in the email. I spied Tish being mega industrious and giving you tips. 🙂
      He texted about 4 to ask if they could have Spanish chicken for tea. I was still on my way home from a winey lunch with a friend. Just bunged it in the slow cooker and hoped for the best. They’re due about 7.

  4. You must have been calm when taking those shots Jo. They exude serenity. Beautiful.
    Serenity isn’t something I’m known for. Rushing is required to fit in enough work to pay for my travel enjoyment!
    Heading into London now for my Feb photos for Cardinal Guzman! I hope your weekend goes well.

  5. Lovely close-up photography, Jo. I like it 🙂 It is a quiet weekend for me and I like it. Almost Sunday already 😦 And next week is a busy week 😦 I will enjoy this weekend while it lasts 🙂 Have a good one, Jo. Happy wandering ❤

  6. Oh, I don’t do super calm very often, Jo….. Today might do it, I’m walking int town to have lunch with a friend, and I’ve ticked off a couple of must-do items this morning, so off to a good start! Ommm…..

    1. That must be the answer, Meg! 🙂 🙂 Thanks, darlin! He’s arriving at some point today with the new lady friend. Keep cam, indeed! I’ll be off through the park to zumba soon and then meeting a friend at lunchtime so not much time to fret. Love you, hon 🙂

      1. I tried to respond to morselsandscrap’s question about Buddha having sons……
        My “Hahaha”, placed somewhere among the other comments , meant that I agree with her……..

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